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News Clips | April 16, 2021

What’s it like being gymnasts of color at the University of Utah?

A third of the 2020-21 Utah team are racial minorities—Cammy Hall, Cristal Isa, Jaedyn Rucker and Alani Sabado.

Why annual COVID-19 boosters may become the norm

To keep the coronavirus in check and stay ahead of new variants, people may need yearly shots like they do for the flu.

Why some detractors say Earth is not in crisis, and why that drives most climate scientists crazy

Utah author Bill Pekny wrote a book with 13 chapters describing climate change, full of charts, colorful graphics and “key takeaways” after each segment in which he impresses upon his readers why his research matters, and should offer comfort to those who believe the world is on the eve of destruction.

Experts concerned about savings habits with spending increasing

The tough economy of the past year turned many Americans into saving machines. Now that the pandemic seems to be easing its grip, more consumers are ready to spend, and that has financial experts concerned.

Blood Clot Risk from COVID-19 Higher than After Vaccines: Study

The chance of developing cerebral venous sinus thrombosis was nearly 10 times higher in the two weeks following a diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection than after receiving an mRNA vaccine, a data analysis finds.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox plans to focus on these 3 things in his next 100 days

With the legislative session behind him and Utah’s vaccine rollout well underway, here’s what Cox will turn to next.

How to celebrate Earth Day 2021

Most events are still virtual.

10 Tips For Overwhelmed Parents Caring For A Newborn

The biggest challenge that parents may face when they have a newborn is dealing with the fact that it is nothing like they were expecting. Here's help.

Targeting brain protein may lead to new therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative disorders

Neurological disorders are the number one cause of disability in the world, leading to seven million deaths each year. Yet few treatments exist for these diseases, which progressively diminish a person's ability to move and think.

Utah parents group continues push to end school mask mandate

Members of Utah Parents United gathered at the Provo courthouse Thursday, continuing their push to end the K-12 mask mandate in Utah schools.

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