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News Clips | April 1-4, 2022

University of Utah law students providing free legal help for transgender Utahns

After recent Utah legislation that limits the athletic activities of transgender youth, law students at University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law are working to provide free legal help to transgender Utahns.

Summer enrollment option added at University of Utah nursing to address nursing shortage

The need for registered nurses is rising, according to University of Utah Health. There are about 2,500 unfilled nursing positions in the state and many nurses are nearing retirement.

University of Utah reports Pride Week vandalism

The University of Utah has shared a statement detailing “two acts of hate and bias during the University of Utah’s celebration of Pride Week.”

University of Utah to expand Pacific Islands Studies program with $1M grant

Utah has largest number of Pacific Islanders per capita in the continental United States.

A University of Utah program will build homes in the Navajo Nation

The program aims to bring sustainable and affordable homes to the communities of San Juan County.

Fast acting snails helping further insulin research at University of Utah

While known for living their lives in slow motion, a certain breed of snails is helping scientists at the University of Utah, Stanford University and the University of Copenhagen create faster and better injectable insulin for patients.

Should Utah income tax be used for purposes other than education, human services?

GOP leaders broached eliminating income tax earmark via constitutional amendment.

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