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Selling pride month merchandise as anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment grows

As retailers like Target face backlash for selling Pride Month items, LGBTQ+ students say it’s especially meaningful to see their universities selling such merchandise in the campus store.

Diablo IV Wants Gamers to Slay Monsters in Hell Forever (Published 2023)

An addictive formula — kill enemies and collect the powerful gear they drop — is back, this time in a transformed video game industry where players now expect free content updates.

These U.S. National Parks Are Hosting Free Stargazing Festivals This Summer

Here's what you need to know about visiting the parks after dark.

Prescription Drug Shortages (Published 2023)

Many Americans can’t get the medications they need.

Dust-on-Snow Events Threaten Winter and Spring Snowpacks

Dust on snow events are sure to make your skiing less fun, but they also pose major risks to streams and rivers by changing snow runoff.

Resiliency Center: Building a mental resilience

The Resiliency Center at the University of Utah is providing help to 25,000 employees in education, clinical roles and research.

Intermountain Health rethinks bottom surgeries for adult transgender patients

Intermountain Health’s gender care surgical director was already seeing patients when the provider decided to shelve a range of care known as “bottom surgeries.”

Report: What Utah does very differently and better than the federal government

A new report describes a tale of two philosophies that Utah and the federal government practice regarding bonding and borrowing money. Hint: Utah does it better.

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