The University of Utah releases phone calls from the McCluskey murder

Today the University of Utah released fifteen 911 calls that preceded the murder of student Lauren McCluskey. She was killed on October 22, 2018.

Police Chief: 'Things I would definitely change' leading up to Lauren McCluskey's murder

University of Utah Campus Police Chief Dale Brophy sat down for a one-on-one interview after 16 audio recordings of Lauren McCluskey and her parents were released from the 12 days leading up to her murder. “Could we have done things more expeditiously and quicker? Yeah, if I could go back and turn back the clock there are some things I would definitely change,” Brophy said.

‘I’m worried that he’s dangerous:’ University of Utah releases audio of calls to campus police from Lauren McCluskey and her parents

Jill McCluskey frantically called campus dispatchers. Her daughter, a student at the University of Utah, was going to pick up her Jeep from a man she had just broken up with — and the mother feared he might hurt her.

'I’m worried that he’s dangerous,' Lauren McCluskey's mother told police 12 days before her murder

As early as a week and a half before her murder, Lauren McCluskey and her mother told University of Utah police that they were worried about her safety.

University of Utah officials release phone calls in McCluskey case

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News)- Officials at the University of Utah released the audio recordings from the phone calls made between Lauren McCluskey, her mother, and University Police before she w…