News Clips | May 4-5, 2021

Ed Diener

Dr. Ed Diener passed away Tuesday, April 27, 2021, in Salt Lake City.

University of Utah vaccinates students at on-campus clinics

The University of Utah is wrapping up its first day of offering vaccines on campus to students, staff, and anyone in the area.

TRIO programs are providing resources for students to succeed

Kyle Ethelbah, Director of Federal TRIO Programs, University of Utah came by to talk about TRIO, a student program that is funded through Congress and overseen by the US Department of Education to provide first-generation, low-income, and students with disabilities.

Why this Salt Lake City group is making vegan, plant-based meals for the homeless

People experiencing homelessness are more likely to have inadequate nutrition and eat fewer meals than the wider population.

Salt Lake City Seeks To Create More Equitable Outdoor Spaces For Residents

Salt Lake City is taking on a master planning process to figure out what the future of its public lands will look like over the next two decades.

Biden’s Plan To Cancel Student Loans Would Completely Erase Debt For Almost 40% Of Utah Borrowers

Roughly 300,000 people in Utah are paying off student loans, according to an analysis from the loan advising website Student Loan Hero.

Jurassic update? Did the T-Rex hunt in packs? And what the heck’s a ‘Monkeydactyl?’

The past few weeks, scientists have gotten a better picture of how one of the most famous dinosaurs lived and even discovered brand-new types of the ancient creatures.

Red Butte to resume Outdoor Concert Series

Red Butte Garden officials announced Tuesday that plans are underway to resume the Outdoor Concert Series later this summer.

Boos for Romney? Here's what we learned about Utah's 2021 Republican Party

It was a chorus of boos that put Utah on the national radar this weekend — boos that filled the Maverik Center in West Valley City when Sen. Mitt Romney took the stage in front of nearly 2,000 Republican delegates.

Utah Endowment Considers Realignment Toward Sustainability

University’s Academic Senate approves recommendations to shift portfolio to ‘positive sustainability investments.’

Wildfires Are Changing the Seasonal Air Quality of the U.S. West

Increasing numbers of wildfires are making poor air quality more common throughout the Western United States, according to a new study.

Why you should worry about the flood of new cash into U.S. stock funds

U.S. stock funds now are riding a river of new cash from investors—and that is not a bullish sign.

Artificial Intelligence Powers Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test

University of Utah researchers have developed a fast, easy-to-administer COVID-19 antibody test powered by artificial intelligence.