News Clips | May 29-June 1, 2021

Engineered microbes fix nitrogen

Combo of electrochemistry and enzyme catalysis provides a route to ammonia.

This iconic Utah spot helped thousands get vaccinated. And soon it will go back to what it does best.

Salt Lake County closes its massive vaccination clinic at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Mysteries of the universe? Utah researchers join project to unlock enigma of 'dark energy'

Researchers from the University of Utah are joining forces with others for a universal five-year project that seeks to map the universe and gain insights into the mysteries of dark energy.

Top Things To Do In Salt Lake City Right Now

Spring is a lovely time to explore the foothill and montane landscapes of Salt Lake City, where sunflowers, gum weeds, and bluebells are having their moment in the sun.

Why your allergy symptoms are getting worse

When the allergies really kick in, tissues can hardly cut it.

Meet the ransomware negotiators you hope you’ll never need

Kurtis Minder has some advice about how to negotiate with criminals who extort millions of dollars by crippling companies’ computer systems and stealing their data: Don’t call them “bad guys.”