News Clips | May 12, 2021

University Of Utah, Local Laboratories Develop Rapid Coronavirus Antibody Test

The University of Utah recently partnered with two Utah laboratories to produce an inexpensive coronavirus antibody test, in the form of a mobile app.

44 Attorneys General boycotting Instagram Kids anticipating app launch

Facebook may be releasing a new social media application geared towards kids. It’s called Instagram Kids, and 44 Attorney General Offices across the nation are asking Facebook officials to cancel the release.

4 Friendship Problems That Might Occur Post-Vaccination

Everyone 16 and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, which in many ways marks a new chapter in our pandemic journey.

Emotion recognition: can AI detect human feelings from a face?

The market for the technology is growing rapidly despite questions from scientists about whether it works.

Record lumber prices dragging homebuyers and renovators to the woodshed

Georgian-era economist Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” theory of a free market that self-balances thanks to the supply and demand dynamic has been delivering a hard slap to global homebuyers and renovators, driving a nearly 400% increase in lumber prices in just the past year.

How to thermally cloak an object

Theoretical method can make objects invisible to a thermal camera, or mimic a different object.

Before my child gets the COVID-19 vaccine, what questions should I ask their doctor?

Vaccine eligibility could change by Wednesday to allow 12-15-year-olds to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, and parents will be left to decide whether or not their children will get the shot.

How you can prevent ransomware cyberattacks (like the one that shut down a fuel pipeline)

We all heard the story, and we all want to know how to prevent it happening to us: a ransomware attack that targeted a fuel pipeline on the east coast.