News Clips | May 11, 2021

How Utah's Heber Valley may help researchers solve one of fog's biggest mysteries

Fog is a weather phenomenon that's intrigued scientists for centuries. While there are plenty of extensive studies about how various kinds of fog are formed, there really isn't a whole lot that helps meteorologists and other researchers predict when or where fog will form.

Utah children, 12-to-15, could start getting the COVID-19 vaccine by week’s end, a leading pediatrician says

Some 215,000 Utah kids will become eligible for the Pfizer version of the vaccine.

From shock to anticipation, Utah parents react to child COVID-19 vaccine announcement

It's being called a huge "turning point" in the pandemic. A step forward to "win the race" against COVID-19.

Why thousands of Utahns have missed their second COVID-19 vaccine dose and how it might affect the spread of the virus

The biggest risks of missed doses is that COVID-19 will continue to spread and eventually produce more hazardous variants, Utah doctor says.

Shortage of Cancer Care Providers in Rural Areas Affects Patient Outcomes

In the United States, a geographic mismatch exists between the number of medical oncology and radiation providers and patients needing care, with more specialists clustered in urban and metropolitan areas.