News Clips | June 8, 2021

News about Racial Violence Harms Black People’s Mental Health

Awaiting the Derek Chauvin verdict, an Atlanta man felt intense anxiety.

Ready to try an electric car? Good luck finding one in Utah

Now that you're flush with cash from pandemic-induced savings and a series of federal stimulus checks, it may feel like the perfect time to buy your first electric vehicle.

Giant Utah missile contract generates lots of jobs, debate

A huge chunk of money is coming to Utah — tens of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs — and it planted the state right in the middle of a great debate: Does the nation need to spend so much money for a new generation of nuclear missiles?

U of U police chief disappointed by school for 'non support,' not charged in investigation

After months of investigation into the University of Utah police chief, it was concluded that there is insufficient evidence to bring charges against Rodney Chatman for impersonating a peace officer.

Utah initiative seeks housing solutions and innovation, awards company using bamboo

In Utah's record housing market, one local initiative is focused on finding the best solutions around the country and bringing them back to the Beehive state.

Free dental clinic coming to Logan

A free dental clinic is visiting Logan this week, offering certain services to those who qualify.

Try a mindful breathing meditation to improve your day

Are you feeling frazzled? That's relatable. These days, stress and anxiety are soaring across the globe.

Laser-focused on supercooled water

Drink in this factoid: water is the weirdest liquid of all.

We analyzed a year of Arches National Park closure data. Here's the best time to visit

What was once a practice only used on busy holiday weekends has become routine at Arches National Park.

Resource and Career Center Pilot for Advancing Computational and Data-intensive Research Earns $1.49M NSF Award

Research is increasingly dependent upon research computing and data (RCD) infrastructure and services, and researchers are struggling to keep pace with the explosion of data and the rapidly evolving computing landscape.