News Clips | June 5-7, 2021

A Federal College Loan Program Can Trap Parents in Debt

The popular parent PLUS loans are made without regard to the ability of borrowers to repay, and have fewer protections when they can’t.

University of Utah Study Shows Incarcerated People Face Barriers To Solving Legal, Civil Problems

Sorting out parking tickets or going through a divorce can be difficult for anyone to navigate. It’s even harder for people in prison, according to a new report from the Justice Lab at the University of Utah law school.

The ocean is the school: How Pacific Islanders transform higher-education

Meet Pacific Islanders who are transforming higher education and advancing the field of Critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies, driven by the belief that the ocean is the school. Terisa Siagatonu, an award-winning poet, returns to her alma mater, U.C. Santa Cruz, to perform poems that speak to each of the interviewees’ experiences.

Meet 2 local artists featured in Story Garden during Utah Pride Week

Perspective is everything, or at least it is when viewing Rian Kasner's 3D art installation titled “See Us” at Utah Pride Center's Story Garden in Salt Lake City.

"Unlikely," but we "can't rule it out": scientists weigh in on the "lab leak" conspiracy

Salon asked coronavirus researchers to weigh in on the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 "leaked" from a Chinese lab.

When police dogs attack: Utah suspects have been bitten when they appear to be surrendering

Salt Lake Tribune/FOX 13 investigation finds K-9s ordered to bite people who have their hands up.

GOP rival Becky Edwards slams Mike Lee as too ‘strident,’ says Trump was rightfully impeached

Former Utah House member notes she voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The critical race theory battle is coming to your school district, Robert Gehrke writes

Utah parents can’t afford to sleep on how their kids are taught about race and equity.

George Pyle: Another list of scholars speak out to preserve what they love

The ‘scholars of marriage’ were wrong. The scholars of democracy are right.

QAnon? The ‘big lie’? What might it take to get Latter-day Saints to stop believing in them?

It wouldn’t be easy for church leaders to sway those opinions, experts say, because allegiance to conspiracy theories bumps into partisan politics and agenda-driven sources.

New police chief at the University of Utah cleared in investigation

Rodney Chatman had been accused of carrying a gun and badge before he was certified to do so.

Is Utah prepared for a major wildfire evacuation?

Eighty-five people died when a fire ripped through the northern California town of Paradise almost three years ago.

Gov. Cox explains call for prayers during drought after criticism over inaction

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox explained his reasons behind asking for prayers during Utah's drought and pointed out on Saturday afternoon what the state has already done to prepare for dry conditions.

Cybersecurity experts say more can be done to prevent ransomware attacks

The Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods hacks are examples of what happens when measures aren't taken.

Garth Brooks concert sales will provide a $ 50,000 grant to Utah artists who have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you buy a ticket for a national superstar Garth Brooks’ next concert You may have helped a local artist or college student at the Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah.