News Clips | June 23, 2021

Does climate doubt have a sound? At least one composer thinks so

What does “doubt” sound like? Specifically, scientific doubt, the kind of intentionally seeded, stalling uncertainty that has become an integral — and to many, a frustrating — feature of the debate over climate change.

The doctors are not all right

Doctors need mental health support, but the medical profession often punishes them for getting it.

Dialogue demonstrates connections across faith and science

Ever since she was young, Nalini Nadkarni has loved trees.

Test Might Determine What Ails You: COVID-19 or Influenza

The coming flu season may be like no other. True, as Lynnette Brammer, who heads the domestic influenza surveillance team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recently told Infection Control Today.

Why are suicide rates higher at elevation?

Even when all other factors are taken into account, there appears to be a correlation between suicide and altitude.

Regional Economic Development in Salt Lake City and Greater Utah, with Special Guest Keith Marmer of the University of Utah

Today’s guest is Keith Marmer, Chief Innovation & Economic Engagement Officer at the University of Utah. The conversation with Keith features a discussion on some new programs and initiatives being implemented in connection with the University of Utah as well as the surrounding Salt Lake City area.