News Clips | June 17-22, 2021

Employees are still burnt out from the pandemic

Chanda Vaniman moved to Southern Utah to get away from it all, unfortunately her burnout followed her here.

Juneteenth events scheduled for Salt Lake County

Juneteenth was officially declared a federal holiday and Salt Lake City will have a few events to celebrate. The holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

People with back pain miss fewer workdays after treatment

During a recent study researchers found that people with lower back pain injury miss 11 more days of work in a year when they only receive treatments for lower back pain that are not recommended by medical guidelines, in comparison to people treated according to guidelines.

Why COVID testing still matters at the University of Utah

With COVID limiting opportunities to get involved on campus this past year, University of Utah student Aubrey Miller decided to join the battle against the virus.

New ALS Risk Gene Suggests Role for Apoptosis

Variants in an apoptosis-linked gene appear to increase the risk of developing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a new study has found.

Some Utah landlords want your pet’s DNA. This is the reason why.

Renters say the requirement can create another obstacle to finding housing, while landlords point out it helps them allow pets.

Delta variant has arrived in Utah, but there’s no need to panic

It’s more transmissible, but current vaccines are highly effective against it.

University of Utah, BYU roll out name, image and likeness plans as possible NCAA legislation looms

Seven states have NIL laws set to take effect next month, but Utah is not one of them.

Utah athletic department navigated unorthodox 2020-21, but pandemic remnants will permeate into next year

Fiscal 2021 budget deficit finalized at roughly $32 million, down from initial projection of between $50-60 million.