News Clips | July 9, 2021

'Black Joy Is Radical' — A New Mural Aims To Continue Dialogue Around Race Issues In Utah

A new mural celebrating Black joy and anti-racism is being installed in Salt Lake City. It covers the Patagonia storefront in Salt Lake’s Sugarhouse neighborhood and is painted in vibrant colors depicting Black dancers, prominent community leaders and Utah landscapes.

Salt Lake Community College plans major expansion in Herriman

Salt Lake Community College is always forward-thinking in the community, and now they’re expanding to accommodate growth in the south end of the valley.

How is ‘The Great Resignation’ impacting health care in Utah?

All over the country, millions of people are up and quitting their jobs and looking for better options. It’s called “The Great Resignation,” and analysts believe it’s impacting healthcare in Utah, which is especially concerning since COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Changing how towns evacuate in the future

The monsoon has brought firefighters and evacuated residents some precious breathing space — but have we learned the hard lessons of yet another runaway fire season?