News Clips | July 7, 2021

Wildlife, air quality at risk as Great Salt Lake nears low

The silvery blue waters of the Great Salt Lake sprawl across the Utah desert, having covered an area nearly the size of Delaware for much of history. For years, though, the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River has been shrinking. And a drought gripping the American West could make this year the worst yet.

Salt Lake airport returns to pre-pandemic levels as tourism booms

Even without the typical number of international and business visitors, the Salt Lake City International Airport reports that air travel is back to pre-pandemic levels.

Secrets of the Worm Nervous System Revealed by New Color Palette

After color-coding all 302 neurons in the worm C. elegans, scientists have uncovered a vast “wireless” communication network.

Utah health systems share concerns over rise in COVID cases

With COVID-19 cases spiking in the state, leaders from Utah's major medical healthcare systems are joining together to address concerns the rise will have on hospitals and caregivers.