News Clips | July 10-12, 2021

Utah's Great Salt Lake Dropped to a Record Low

One of the biggest salt lakes in the world is facing historic lows this summer.

Is this the worst drought in Utah's history? Here's what the science and data say

Utah's ongoing drought situation has gotten severe enough that Gov. Spencer Cox has issued multiple drought-related executive orders regarding it as communities across the state have also warned about overconsumption.

The Case For Rethinking American Libel Law

57 years ago, the Supreme Court heard a case that changed how this country protects freedom of the press. Constitutional scholar RonNell Anderson Jones says that since Times v. Sullivan, a public figure has to prove a news organization knowingly lied with actual malice.

Drought And Wildfires Move Utah’s Air Quality Into Unhealthy Levels

Extreme drought conditions across Utah have combined with smoke from western wildfires in California, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to create unhealthy air quality.

6 new Utah COVID-19 deaths, 220 current hospitalizations

Six more people are reported dead from COVID-19, killed since Friday's report. The people included three men and three woman, from Davis, Tooele, Utah, Washington and Weber counties.

The fight over the redevelopment of the Utah Theatre will likely flare up this week. How did we get here?

The fight over the future of the historic Utah Theater will reemerge in the public limelight this week, as the controversial deal between the city and private developers will likely lead to a glimmering new highrise on Downtown Salt Lake City’s Main Street.

Cutting Through Noise to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

As society moves towards a renewable energy future, it’s crucial that solar panels convert light into electricity as efficiently as possible.