News Clips | July 1, 2021

Knowing What Your Co-Worker Makes Doesn’t Close the Pay Gap

Salary transparency is intended to help address inequities. But making the number public doesn’t seem to move the needle.

U.S.-China Relations in the Biden Era

This week a panel discussion on what to expect of U.S.-China relations during the Biden administration, as well as the long history between the two nations and where we go from here.

How the University of Utah plans to support athletes in new, 'exciting' NIL landscape

Standing on the footsteps of the Utah State Capitol on July 1, 2011—exactly 10 years ago to the day—Commissioner Larry Scott ushered in a new era for the University of Utah as it joined the Pac-12. The move was part of a nationwide and wide-ranging expansion to collegiate sports.

Young Cancer Survivors Vulnerable to COVID, But Often Shun Vaccine

Despite being particularly susceptible to severe COVID-19, many U.S. teen and young adult cancer survivors are wary of vaccination, a new study finds.

Common cold or Covid? Upper respiratory symptoms are growing more prevalent, docs say

Doctors say even fully vaccinated people need to pay attention to Covid-19 symptoms, such as headache and congestion.

Meet the new Salt Lake City school board member replacing the one recently arrested

Bryce Williams said he’d like to address equity and access in the district moving forward.