News Clips for September 4-8, 2020

Weather messaging, air quality and how they may impact transit ridership

A new probe by the University of Utah looked at media messaging on weather and air quality and how much words and phrases like windy, freezing or “bad air” might play into a person’s choice to take public transportation.

University Of Utah Researchers Work On Better Smoke Forecasting

Thick smoke from wildfires in California should get blown out of most of Utah Monday evening, but researchers with the University of Utah said wildfire smoke will be a growing problem because of climate change.

U of U designs real-time air pollution warning system for idling cars

University of Utah researchers are working on a new project to help curb air pollution. Most Utahns are likely familiar with the flashing speed limit signs, typically telling drivers to slow down.

Heidi Matthews: Celebrating the role of labor in our schools

For students and educators alike, Labor Day signals “back to school,” with fresh pencils, fresh classrooms, fresh starts.

Connection is Not a Place

Connection: a fundamental feeling colleges and universities are aiming to cultivate in the upcoming school year. Historically, in-person events and programs were how campuses united students, but generations of digital natives and physical distancing could leave traditional practices behind. As the fall semester approaches, universities must act as leaders to digitally transform student connection.

How Public Officials Can Use Data and Evidence to Make Strategic Budget Cuts

Targeted spending reductions can help state, county leaders respond to shifting priorities amid pandemic.

University of Utah to issue furloughs for entire athletic department

The University of Utah athletic department will implement department-wide furloughs, including athletic director Mark Harlan, football coach Kyle Whittingham and men's basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak, Harlan said in a radio interview Friday.

Living with someone who has COVID-19? Your odds of catching it are only 12%, Utah study finds.

After his oldest daughter tested positive for the coronavirus, Cameron Robinson figured it probably wouldn’t take long before the disease had pinballed around his Utah County home, hitting him and his wife and his four other kids, too.

Despite uptick in COVID-19 cases, Utah hospital official optimistic cases will level out

A University of Utah official said he believes that, despite an expected “bump” in coronavirus cases due to school starting, the state “will continue to see a downward slide” due to mask-wearing in the state.

Protecting both lives and livelihoods is not easy, but it’s what Utahns deserve

A healthy public and strong economy are inextricably linked. Those hit hardest by the economic fallout of the pandemic are also those hit hardest by this public health crisis. Gov. Herbert and legislative leadership have been committed to the very difficult challenge of protecting lives and livelihoods from the beginning of the pandemic, and recent data indicate that Utah continues to lead the nation in both areas.

Coronavirus in Utah: Health officials report 388 new cases, with Utah County the biggest contributor

On Sunday, the Utah Department of Health reported 388 new coronavirus cases and two more deaths. The state also tested 4,770 more people since Saturday.

A look inside President Trump’s policies for U.S. families

There is little agreement on whether Trump’s tax cut, child care, immigration and other policies have been good for families, but paid leave gets thumbs up.

What family policy might look like if Biden and Harris are elected

History, talk and position papers offer strong hints of what Biden hopes for Social Security, Medicare, child care and other family related programs.

Daniel Reed: Education has the power to transform lives

College freshman George Conde is an exceptional student. He was co-captain of his debate team at Granger High School and a Sterling Scholar in social science. His GPA: 3.99, unweighted.

More Salt Lake County move-ins come from abroad each year than from many nearby counties

Salt Lake County residents now see more new neighbors arrive each year from Asia than from nearby Weber County, according to new Census Bureau data released Thursday.

Photos: Protesters call for resignation of University of Utah president, removal of police from campus

Nearly 50 protesters gathered at the University of Utah on Thursday afternoon and marched to the Park Building, where they put up posters. Speakers called for President Ruth Watkins to resign and for the campus police department to be dissolved.


For the University of Utah’s Department of Theatre, Anna Oldroyd’s poster designs show grayscale photos of actors posing as characters from the 2019–20 run of plays—Macbeth, Floyd Collins, She Kills Monsters, to name a few. Oldroyd has overlaid a white sketch layer of props and costumes on top of the plain clothes actors, emphasizing performance within the poster itself.

How the U of U police chief is working to create change on campus

The University of Utah police chief is aware of the challenges the U’s faced in recent years about campus safety. Now, two weeks into the new school year, he tells ABC4 News how he’s working to create change.

Mask-Associated Dry Eye Is a Thing—Here's Why it Happens, and What You Can Do to Stop It

This might be why your eyes have been so red and scratchy lately.

NIH panel members speak out about 'insufficient data' on plasma treatments

The FDA's emergency authorization for plasma has garnered criticism and praise.

In Utah: No high school diploma? No problem

Celeste Shumway has homeschooled all seven of her children. Two have graduated from college, two are in college and her three youngest are planning to go to college. To the surprise of many, they did it without a high school diploma.

Star Wars: Project Stardust Fan Game Gets Huge Survival Update In November

Project Stardust was originally conceived as a student project for The University of Utah, exploring motion sickness in VR. It’s since grown into a bigger project, though, with a brilliant three-stage recreation of the climactic Death Star battle from A New Hope already in place.

Utah student gov moves to impeach conservative member for creating 'unsafe space'

The University of Utah’s student government is attempting to impeach a conversative student for comments made during a July meeting regarding the school’s Black Student Union.

What does six months of COVID-19 in Utah look like?

Over the course of the past six months, Deseret News photojournalists have documented the pandemic of COVID-19 and its effects on the people of Utah.