News Clips for September 26-28, 2020

Playing bad can shape behavior, but not in the way you think

It’s good in the long run for the human psyche.

‘It’s a lot to juggle’: College students with children are overwhelmed this school year

By 7:45 a.m., A’Ja Ross, 26, has helped her son, Ti’Andre Williams, log in to his fourth-grade class at Perrywood Elementary School in Largo, Md. She stays close by in case he has any trouble understanding an assignment.

Pfizer Urged to Wait for November to Seek Vaccine Authorization

Pfizer Inc. should wait until at least late November before seeking FDA authorization of its Covid-19 vaccine to meet rigorous safety standards, more than 60 leading researchers and bioethicists said.

U of U Health moves COVID-19 testing to appointment only

For the first time since the pandemic, nearly 10,250 people were tested for COVID-19 within 24 hours. Another record shattered was the 1,411 positive cases from yesterday.

Check Your Health: Signs that a family member should no longer drive

If you are concerned that a family member should no longer be driving, there are some signs you should watch out for before taking away their keys.

4 ways Utah is playing a big role in working to fix the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s the million-dollar question. “When will life get back to normal?” For the past six months, a virus has thrown nearly everything off its tracks. With disrupted school schedules, canceled events, limited entertainment options and shuttered business, it’s been a difficult year for virtually everyone.

Why the FDA Approved an Asthma Drug To Treat Rare Blood Disorders

A drug traditionally used to treat severe asthma has been approved for hypereosinophilic syndromes (HES), making it the first medication approved to treat the group of rare blood disorders in almost 14 years.

Barrett as Justice Gives Climate Cases Tougher Path to Court

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court could make it tougher for environmentalists to wage future legal fights.

A little reservoir behind the University of Utah is helping save an endangered fish

Built in 1930 to capture water for a military installation at the mouth of a Wasatch Front canyon, Red Butte Reservoir has been harnessed for a new purpose, the rescue of Utah’s disappearing native fish.

Tourism brought Utah $10B in 2019, but how will the industry recover post-COVID-19?

Utah’s tourism industry reached $10 billion in revenue for the first time in 2019, according to a report by University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute released earlier this month.

Spencer Cox says media seeks to drive wedge between him and governor on COVID-19 response

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox now says he was joking earlier this week when he remarked that he has “no choice” but to agree with his boss, Gov. Gary Herbert, on the state’s COVID-19 policy, and he blamed the media for trying to sow discord by focusing on the comment.

Study Highlights Success of Local Preschool Program

Research shows that providing high quality education for young children yields significant long-term benefits for them and saves a lot of education dollars in the long run. KPCW has teamed up with the Early Childhood Alliance to file weekly reports about the importance of providing early educational opportunities for all children in the Wasatch Back.

Dennis Lythgoe: An appreciation to the Utah Symphony

During the pandemic, we are continually reminded to “Escape the virus. Be safe. Stay home.” The science is correct, and I agree with it. But when I learned from KSL-TV that University of Utah acoustical experts had examined the airflow at Abravanel Hall before the Utah Symphony’s concert last weekend, I had a change of heart. I was tired of staying home. I wanted to go!

V.P. debate plans at University of Utah not changing as COVID-19 cases spike

Despite a record number of COVID-19 cases in Utah, the vice presidential debate at the University of Utah will be held as planned on Oct. 7, campus officials said Friday during a news conference held in the massive media tent already set up in President’s Circle.

Affordable, Self-Administered COVID-19 Tests Could Use Your Cell Phone

As the world continues to navigate the line between reopening and maintaining safety protocols to slow the spread of the coronavirus, rapid and accurate diagnostic screening remains critical to control the outbreak.

Utah again smashes daily record for new COVID-19 cases with 1,411 confirmed

Utah again smashed its record for new COVID-19 cases on Friday with 1,411 positive tests, according to state health officials. The previous record day for new cases occurred on Thursday, when just under 1,200 cases were confirmed.

League of Women Voters opposes change to Utah Constitution as possible $600M hit to schools

The League of Women Voters of Utah is calling on Utahns to reject a constitutional amendment that will appear on their ballots this November. Amendment G, which would allow the Legislature to use income tax “to support children and to support individuals with a disability” seems “harmless enough,” said Dixie Huefner, professor emerita in the University of Utah’s Department of Special Education.