News Clips for September 25, 2020

Behavior Response Support Team Works to Give Parents Tools to Help Their Kids

One Utah team is trying to make it easier for parents to help their kids cope with the stresses of the pandemic. The Behavior Response Support Team, or BRST gives families tools for dealing with the challenges of remote learning. They’re producing short videos with tips for dealing with things like kids' boredom or how to organize their school schedule.

Do Black people face obstacles in America? Your answer may depend on your political party affiliation

When asked whether or not they agreed with the statement ‘Black families face obstacles that white families don’t,’ 80% of Democrats agreed with the statement, while just 25% of Republicans concurred.

Received a fishy message? Here’s how to respond

I’m a banker, but despite that I still get fishy-looking email and text messages that appear to be from banks. They usually tell me I need to click on a link or call a number to update my payment information, or to activate an account, or any number of other things.

They’re back: Utah football and basketball will play this year

Utes eager as start dates set for football and basketball.

CURE’s Clinical Trial Corner: September 2020

As the options for cancer treatment continue to expand, patients and their caregivers should be aware of the various clinical trials currently being conducted — including studies they can possibly join.

ONLINE: The Assessment Gap: Racial Inequalities in Property Taxation

Using panel data covering 118 million homes in the United States and geolocation detail for 75,000 taxing entities, Assistant Professor Troup Howard and Carlos Avenancio-León of Indiana University documented a nationwide "assessment gap." Howard will discuss how this gap leads local governments to place a disproportionate fiscal burden on racial and ethnic minorities.

Opinion | Susan Knopf: Vote ‘no’ on Proposition 115, the 22-week abortion ban

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the equal rights pioneer, now opens a clear constitutional path for conservatives to establish a 6-3 majority on the U.S. Supreme Court and eliminate abortion rights as well as many other hard-won rights.