News Clips for September 24, 2020

Seeing the glorious Eagle Nebula, with Pillars of Creation

M16 is the Eagle Nebula, one of the grandest star-forming regions of the nearby Milky Way. It contains an open star cluster designated NGC 6611.

With More Extreme Weather On The Horizon, Power Utilities Face Greater Hurdles Keeping the Lights On

As warmer temperatures and extreme weather conditions become more common across the west, power companies are facing greater challenges keeping the lights on.

Wildfire Smoke May Increase Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Wildfires are becoming more common and severe due to climate change and its warmer and drier conditions, in Wyoming and across the West. Now, health experts are warning people exposed to wildfire smoke also are at increased risk for COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 Roundup: ‘Circuit Breakers’ to Stop Virus’s Spread

Several more universities pause in-person instruction to stem spread of virus, as such moves spur decreases elsewhere. Study estimates sizable role of in-person instruction in local outbreaks. Most NCAA fall championships will be played in the spring.

The Eye Adapts To Maintain Vision in Retinal Degenerative Disease

New insight on how people with retinal degenerative disease can maintain their night vision for a relatively long period of time has been published today in the open-access eLife journal.

Intermountain Healthcare gives $1.2 million to suicide prevention cause

Seeing a need for a more comprehensive approach to battling suicide in Utah, Intermountain Healthcare is giving $1.2 million to the “Live On” campaign and its efforts to change important conversations that could lead Utahns to get help earlier.

If you could erase 2020 and start over, would you?

Give it enough time, and every conversation these days comes around to the coronavirus. Small talk feels out of place in the time of big issues, and “how’s it going?” just hasn’t felt right since about March. Talking about it feels as inescapable as the virus itself, especially with the numbers spiking to record highs in the past week.

A Tall Tale About Big Fish Leads to Felonies in Utah

Two men pleaded guilty to tampering to influence a contest, a third-degree felony, almost two years after the state started investigating where they caught their fish.

Spencer Cox says he has ‘no choice but to agree’ with Gov. Gary Herbert on mask mandates

As Gov. Gary Herbert’s right-hand man, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox says he must stand by his boss’s decision not to impose a statewide mask order, even as coronavirus cases have recently surged to record levels in Utah.