News Clips for September 23, 2020

New University of Utah center aims to prevent relationship and sexual violence on college campuses

Leaders of a new center at the University of Utah hope their work will not only help people better understand relationship and sexual violence, but prevent it from happening in the future.

How night vision is maintained during retinal degenerative disease

New findings in mice could inform novel treatment strategies for diseases that cause blindness.

Utah Coalition to Abolish Slavery aims to remove slavery from Utah Constitution

The Utah Coalition to Abolish Slavery formally kicked off an education campaign for an amendment to the Utah Constitution that prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishments for those convicted of crimes.

Utah County issues mask mandate; Provo, Orem to move back to orange restriction level amid COVID-19 surge

Herbert again declines to implement statewide mask mandate, calling such a measure ‘overkill.’

Utah students aren’t criminals, and their teachers shouldn’t be police

Don’t. Look. Away. This is the advice you’re given if you use ProctorU, Proctorio or any of the other proctoring systems that have mushroomed in the wake of COVID-19 to manage students taking online tests.

What do I need to know about the Vice Presidential debate being hosted at the U of U?

For the first time, Utah was selected to host the lone Vice-Presidential debate with current Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris.

Teens Aren't Turning to E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Most teens who vape aren't looking to quit smoking, a new study of Twitter suggests. This finding belies Juul's claim that its e-cigarette is improving smokers' lives, the researchers said.