News Clips for September 22, 2020

When Legal Justice Feels Out Of Reach For Sexual Assault Survivors, Some Say Social Media Fills The Gap

Earlier this summer, 21-year-old Maya Micheli took to Twitter to share their story of an alleged sexual assault using the hashtag #UtahRapists. It’s a way some Utahns are compiling lists of alleged perpetrators and a place to share these difficult stories.

‘How Is It That No One Cares?’ Utahns Find Community By Sharing Their Sexual Assault Stories Online

Earlier this summer, 21-year-old Maya Micheli was at a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, Oregon, where they now live. When they got home, they started scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, mainly just looking for updates on the protests and news about the police.

University of Utah campus to stop in-person learning for 2 weeks

The University of Utah is closing its campus to in-person learning beginning Sunday in preparation for the vice presidential debate, which will be hosted on Oct. 7 at Kingsburg Hall.

Study: Dads pitch in, but moms still do most housework in pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic sent millions of households into isolation. While dads report doing more household chores, mothers are still doing the majority of the work, says a new study from researchers from Ball State University and two other schools.

Relationships are helping people through the pandemic. But what if you’re not in one?

Marriage decreased slightly, but number in no relationship has been climbing.

Utah’s economy on a ‘Road to Recovery,’ but plenty of pain remains, economist notes

A new online tool from the Salt Lake Chamber is aiming to help business owners stay current on Utah’s relative economic health as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on residents’ physical well-being.