News Clips for September 18, 2020

University of Utah ‘getting excited’ about October vice presidential debate

Pandemic driving details, including how many will watch live.

Vaccine companies reveal their study designs, even as Trump sows confusion

President Trump stood before a televised audience Wednesday and proclaimed that “results are very good” for vaccines targeting the novel coronavirus.

Yellowstone Volcano Earthquake Swarm Sees 100 Events Recorded in One Day

An earthquake swarm of almost 100 events in a single day has been recorded at Yellowstone volcano.

Water Wars at the Supreme Court: ‘It’s Only Going to Get Worse’

The U.S. Supreme Court kicks off its new term next month with a unique “original jurisdiction” water dispute—the likes of which could become more common as the climate changes.

NIH launches trial of drug for rare autoimmune disease to treat COVID-19 in the hopes it will prevent blood vessel damage and clots

The U.S. National Institutes of Health on Thursday launched a clinical trial of a fostamatinib, a drug used to treat a rare autoimmune disorder, to hopefully stem out-of-control immune reactions in COVID-19 patients.

U of U study: Vapers don't use e-cigarettes to quit smoking

Study contradicts statements by e-cigarette companies.

What is Amendment G? Don’t let it take you by surprise

When voters get their ballots in the mail next month, they will face, among many other things, Amendment G, which asks whether to change Utah’s constitution to expand the use of income and intangible property taxes “to include supporting children and supporting people with a disability.”