News Clips for Sept. 4, 2019

Images in conversation: 'Power Couples' exhibit shows symbolism in pairs

Juxtaposing and throwing multiple images into conversation may occur casually in photo albums or algorithmically on social media. But the diptych or pendant format, wherein comparison and contrast of adjacent pictures reveals deeper symbolism, dates back centuries.

Uber and Lyft Say Their Drivers’ Names Are ‘Trade Secrets,’ and Chicago City Officials Agree

Uber Technologies and Lyft have argued to Chicago city officials that the names of their drivers should be treated as “trade secrets,” and should not be released because competitors could use the information to attempt to hire them away.

Edly, a Marketplace for Income Share Agreements, Secures Seed Funding

From state universities to coding bootcamps, an increasing number of education providers now offer income share agreements, more commonly known as ISAs. These arrangements allow students to put off paying for their education until after they land a job. That also means schools don’t receive any money until years down the line.

‘Miracle baby’ defying spina bifida with fetal surgery that is growing in popularity across the U.S.

When Joseph and Cami Humpherys went to find out the gender of their fifth child, the ultrasound technician lingered on the baby’s brain. The couple immediately knew something was wrong.

World’s Fastest Academic Supercomputer Unveiled in Texas

The Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas at Austin unveiled Frontera—the fastest supercomputer at any university and the fifth most powerful supercomputing system in the world.

Are they fair? Sens. Mike Lee, Amy Klobuchar to explore big tech acquisitions

Is current federal law and regulatory oversight sufficient to keep big U.S. tech companies — a handful of which enjoy unprecedented financial power — from simply buying up companies identified as potential future competitors?