News Clips for Sept. 27, 2019

University Of Utah Reaffirms Commitment To Campus Safety Amid Student Criticism

The University of Utah is pushing back against criticism that its campus police isn’t committed to protecting students from off-campus perpetrators as it continues a legal battle against the family of slain student-athlete Lauren McCluskey.

U of U student leaders unite to condemn school’s response in Lauren McCluskey’s murder

Student leaders at the University of Utah have condemned the administration in a surprising public statement — criticizing how it handled fears reported by track-star Lauren McCluskey, denied responsibility after her murder and created an atmosphere where students now worry campus police won’t protect them, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

A Moral Obligation vs. a Legal Liability

What responsibilities did the University of Utah have to protect Lauren McCluskey from her murderer and what has been the community-wide impact of their response in the months following her death?

Shuping Wang, whistleblower who exposed China’s HIV/AIDS crisis, dies at 59

In the United States, Dr. Wang did medical research in Milwaukee and later at the University of Utah. “I have since been working over 10 hours every day,” she wrote in her 2012 account of her life. “Hard as it is, I have learned a lot of new technologies and techniques. I am still hoping that, one day, I will be able to apply my experience and skills to serve the Chinese people.”

Utah youth aim to ‘start a conversation’ about suicide with vigil

“I froze,” Schwartz remembered, years later. “My head spun. I tried to remain calm and tell him how much I loved and appreciated him. I held back tears as he hung up the phone.” An hour later, the friend texted Schwartz with an update that came as a relief: he was safe. It was the first, but not the last, brush the now-third-year University of Utah student would have with suicide or suicidal thoughts.

‘Deeply troubling’: Utahns react to impeachment inquiry

Jason Perry is the Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. “We have our own Congressman Ben McAdams who is a Democrat representing the state,” Perry said. “He’s going to be part of the House process itself. He’s going to be in an interesting position going forward.”

Utah poised to become next state to ban conversion therapy on minors as agency weighs rule change

The rule change is similar to language already adopted by 18 other states in the U.S., according to Cliff Rosky, a professor of law at the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law. Rosky also said the rule is constitutional and would survive a legal challenge.

Conference aims to 'build bridges' between LGBTQ community, LDS Church

“In the established tradition of the Tanner Humanities Center and the Mormon Studies Initiative at the U, this conference is organized around the philosophy that open and honest dialogue can shed light in dark corners and produce greater understanding,” Paul Reeve, Simmons Chair of Mormon Studies and director of the Mormon Studies Initiative, stated in a press release.

Radiometric Dating Reveals Age Of The Navajo Sandstone In Southeastern Utah For The First Time

“A lot of geology is looking at the landscape, it is sort of like reading a book. You look at the things around you and you get little clues. The more clues you get the more you are able to understand the story,” said Marjorie Chan, distinguished professor in the Geology and Geophysics department at the University of Utah.

Flu season threatens to complicate diagnoses of vaping-related illness

“It’s going to be difficult to tease apart a bad flu case and a vaping case,” said Dr. Sean Callahan, a University of Utah Health pulmonologist who has treated several cases of vaping-related illness.

This is what is in the U of U Health Strategy Refresh Initiative

The University of Utah Health is in the process of a ‘strategy refresh’ that will take place over the next 5 years. The department has witnessed a 50% increase in total growth over the past 6 years, prompting a revamping of their health care implementation strategies. Over the past several months, U of U Health has been implementing the beginning stages of these efforts. Efforts are aimed at improving access, flexibility, and quality of care.