News Clips for Sept. 26, 2018

Year-round fire season means always living ‘evacuation ready’

Hurricane season means people on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts live with the possibility of evacuation for several months each year. But in the part of the country prone to wildfires, being ready to evacuate has now become a way of life with wildfires turning into a year-round threat. Also: KPCC (SoCal), WRKF (Baton Rouge), KRCC (SoCal), KCBX Central coast CA), KNKX western WA), WBUR (Boston), OPB (Portland, OR), KPBS (San Diego, CA), WAMU (D.C.)

Study shows smart controller for home heating and cooling system can clean pollution with little energy costs

While home thermostats control HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems based on temperature, engineers from the University of Utah have studied the effects of controlling them based on a home's indoor air quality. They have discovered that programming your air conditioner and furnace to turn on and off based on the indoor air quality as well as the temperature doesn't waste a lot of additional energy but keeps the air much cleaner.

Indoor air filters can cut pollution in half, Utah pulmonologist’s research shows

The past few weeks, Utahns have breathed in some of the worst air emitted by wildfires in years. The smoke is just as dangerous for our lungs as our winter pollution. But, new research from a pulmonologist at Intermountain Medical Center shows standalone indoor air filters can cut the pollution in half.

The University of Utah wants alumni and corporations to donate $1 billion over the next four years

The Utah Legislature has increased its funding to the University of Utah nearly every year for the past five. But the U. wants to do more research, offer more scholarships, fund more construction and, ultimately, be more competitive nationwide.

Patients seek ‘last resort’ alternatives to treat depression

Imagine you have clinical depression. You’ve spent years trying all sorts of therapies and dozens of medications. Yet, the bad, foggy thoughts — including suicidal ones — just won’t go away.

Land-transfer advocates seek authority instead of ownership

Fed up with the way the Obama administration was managing public lands, Utah passed a bill in 2012 demanding that more than 31 million acres of federal land be turned over to the state. Utah’s land-transfer legislation, though ultimately unsuccessful, kicked off a wave of similar proposals across the West, but the once-boisterous land-transfer movement has sputtered under President Donald Trump.

Pixels to plate: Dutch chef uses 3D printers to create tasty works of art

The University of Utah Hospital now prints meals for patients with problems swallowing solid food. They also use the Foodini, making things like mashed potato castles and "cookies" made of Nutella.

A New Report Says Electric Scooter Injuries Are Rising, So Here's How To Use One Safely

Electric scooters might not be the alternative means of transportation city-dwellers were hoping for. A new hospital emergency department report out of the University of Utah Health says people are getting really hurt on electric scooters, reflecting a growing trend of injuries across the country, The Washington Post reports. The University of Utah Health has seen a 161 percent increase in the number of emergency department visits involving electric scooters, says The Washington Post, after comparing its visit numbers with the same three-month period from last year.

The richer people are today, the more likely they are to get married — and stay married

Bloomberg Businessweek recently published an article on the declining divorce rate in the US. According to an analysis by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen, the divorce rate decreased 18% between 2008 and 2016. And it's poised to drop even further.