News Clips for Sept. 24, 2019

U. professor finds pieces of the moon in Antarctica

Jim Karner and his team have traveled to Antarctica every year for 11 years as part of a decades-old program funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian. The team’s job is to find rock from outer space that has hurtled to Earth, but never have Karner’s findings been quite so celestial as they were this year.

Family of Lauren McCluskey responds to the University’s motion to dismiss

The attorneys for Lauren McCluskey and her family have responded to a motion to dismiss a $56 million dollar lawsuit against the University of Utah that was filed on Friday.

Former U of U student says campus police did 'nothing' to help after on-campus rape

A former University of Utah student claims the campus police department did nothing to help her after she was raped on campus by another student.

Spread of mysterious lung illness prompts a new question in the exam room: ‘Do you vape?’

“In the past, I would ask people, ‘Do you smoke? Do you use marijuana?’ Now, I add to my questions, ‘Do you vape?’” said Dr. Sean Callahan, a pulmonologist at University of Utah Health.

Potential culprits in mystery lung illnesses: Black-market vaping products

Scott Aberegg, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist at the University of Utah hospital, has seen more than a dozen patients with severe vaping-related lung illnesses in recent weeks. He has begun testing them for excess levels of vitamin E in the blood. Finding very high levels may suggest that it or other contaminants that may be mixed with it are causing patients to get sick, he said.

Sen. Romney introduces legislation to ban non-tobacco e-cigarette flavors

The University of Utah Health released a statement in support of Romney's effort to decrease the minimize of e-cigarettes and vaping. "Vaping is especially dangerous to our youth due to risks of addiction and lung disease. UUH supports the legislative concepts of making tamperproof e-cigarette delivery systems and elimination of flavors in e-cigarettes.”

VIDEO: Tree Scientist Inspires Next Generation ... Through Barbie

When Nalini Nadkarni was a young scientist in the 1980s, she wanted to study the canopy – the part of the trees just above the forest floor to the very top branches. But back then, people hadn't figured out a good way to easily reach the canopy so it was difficult to conduct research in the tree tops. And Nadkarni's graduate school advisors didn't really think studying the canopy was worthwhile. "That's just Tarzan and Jane stuff. You know that's just glamour stuff," Nadkarni remembers advisors telling her. "There's no science up there that you need to do."

First-Ever Consortium For Dark Sky Studies Created At The University Of Utah

“Dark skies have been historically understudied,” said Daniel Mendoza, the co-director of the consortium for dark skies studies at University of Utah. “Mainly our concerns have centered around air pollution and water pollution. More recent studies have started to find out light pollution is a significant problem. About 80% of residents from urbanized locations can no longer see the Milky Way, and this problem has become larger.”

Are kids who play just one sport more likely to be injured?

University of Utah sports psychologist Nick Galli, who sometimes observes “the ride home,” said the key is a question: “What does the athlete want it to look like? That’s what matters most.” Presumably, a 7-year-old would not answer, “Getting chewed out by my dad.”