News Clips for Sept. 20, 2018

Sessions in Chicago: If you want more shootings, listen to ACLU, Antifa, Black Lives Matter

Sessions, pointed to a study from the University of Utah released earlier this year, that appeared to show a correlation between Chicago's rise in homicides and a dip in stop-and-frisk police methods.

Commentary: The PINK Bus is demeaning marketing on campus

Victoria’s Secret is one of many corporations/businesses that promotes their products on college campuses. With every token or piece of free food handed out is the insistent encouragement to Snap, post, or Instagram their products to garner “organic” brand interest.

Hydraulic diversity of forests regulates ecosystem resilience during drought

Plants influence the atmosphere through fluxes of carbon, water and energy, and can intensify drought through land–atmosphere feedback effects. The diversity of plant functional traits in forests, especially physiological traits related to water (hydraulic) transport, may have a critical role in land–atmosphere feedback, particularly during drought.

Ivory Innovations Announces $200,000 Prize Seeking to Improve Housing Affordability

Ivory Innovations has announced the new $200,000 Ivory Prize in Housing Affordability, an award that will honor innovations in design, financing and policy that seek to increase access in housing affordability. This new prize is supported by the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation and the Sorenson Impact Center at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

Candidates clash over Medicaid expansion in competitive Utah House race

One clear difference emerged Wednesday night in the race for state House District 32 in southern Salt Lake County: the candidates' clashing views on the ballot measure to expand Medicaid.