News Clips for Sept. 12, 2018

College rolls out colorful approach to 'microaggressions'

The University of Utah has started a new poster campaign on campus in order to highlight “commonly used microaggressions."

Artifacts And Human Remains Collected Years Ago To Be Returned To Tribes

The National Park Service is giving museums and universities across the country grants to return ancestral artifacts and human remains taken from Native American tribes over the years.

Dangerous Delivieries

JUST DAYS AFTER KYLIE Mohr's September 2017 due date, her blood pressure rose and labor was induced to hasten the birth. Over the next 48 hours, Mohr's seemingly by-the-book pregnancy turned into a cascade of life-threatening complications. Her blood pressure suddenly spiked out of control, leading to an emergency cesarean section, hemorrhaging and kidney failure.

Violence afflicts many Kenyans displaced by drought, study finds

Kenyans forced to relocate due to drought are far more likely to experience violence than are Kenyans generally, researchers reported on Monday.


ALL HAIL THE headset. Or, alternatively, all ignore the headset, because it’s gonna be a dismal failure anyway.

Small Earthquake Hits Southwestern Utah Desert Overnight

The University of Utah's seismograph stations recorded the 3.8 magnitude earthquake just before midnight Tuesday. The epicenter was 15 miles northwest of Cove Fort, a historical site in Millard County.