News Clips for Sept. 11, 2019

Taking the Pulse of a Sandstone Tower in Utah

Castleton Tower, near Moab, pulsates at about the rate of a human heartbeat as it taps into the earth’s natural vibrations.

Breakthrough: University of Utah researchers discover clue about vaping-related lung illnesses

Health officials are now investigating around 450 cases of severe lung disease and at least five deaths related to vaping in 33 states but now doctors at the University of Utah may have discovered exactly what’s causing the illnesses. Also appears in ABC News, Salt Lake Tribune, Florence Health, ScienceBlog, Index-Journal, VOA .

Heightened connectivity between two brain networks is associated with anger and aggression

People who engage in more physical aggression are more likely to have overconnectivity between the brain’s default network and attentional networks, according to a new study published in Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. The findings shed some new light on the relationship between brain architecture and emotional health.

Colleges help undocumented students with tailored support and perspective

The Trump administration's use of raids and tighter immigration policies has forced administrators to rethink the services they offer, and how.

Neighborhoods getting new parks could prevent displacement with targeted policies

CLA researcher Jon Christensen with University of Utah professor Alessandro Rigolon found policies that might help reduce “green gentrification,” that is, the displacement of residents and small businesses when parks are built or revitalized in low-income communities.

As families decamp, 20-somethings settle into Salt Lake County

As young families stray from Utah’s urban core in search of more affordable homes, 20-somethings are settling in. Those ages 25-29 contributed 15,100 newcomers to Salt Lake County over a decadelong period ending in 2010 — enough to pack the University of Utah’s Huntsman Center and spill onto the basketball court.

Who takes care of the children?

8-year-old Sam and 6-year-old Boston lean over and give their grandmother a hug and exclaim “Grandma” in unison when I asked them who was with them. According to the 2010 Census, 10 percent of children in the U.S. are being raised by relatives…especially grandparents. Encarni Gallardo, Executive Director with the Children’s Service Society explains the most common reason why. “There is a lot of which I respect and believe needs to be done for those that are involved in drug addiction situation. But there is this other issue around this that is affecting the family, the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles, the children and sometimes we don’t get to that.”

Utah women voting at highest rates since low point in 2006, report says

Utah plunged from having the highest turnout of female voters in the country in 1992 — known nationally as the Year of the Woman — to the nation’s lowest 14 years later. But after the past two elections, the number of women voting in the state may be going up again, according to research released last week.

Religion enters Salt Lake City politics as mayoral candidates face both criticism and support

Both candidates denounce religious “bigotry” and express hope that Salt Lake City voters focus on policy stances, track records and experience.