News Clips for October 7, 2020

Nels Elde, University of Utah evolutionary geneticist, receives MacArthur Foundation ‘genius grant’

Nels Elde said he cheated a bit when he learned two weeks ago that he would be receiving one of the nation’s most prestigious awards: A MacArthur Fellowship, often called a “genius grant.”

U of U focuses on safety, student engagement ahead of VP Debate

For the first time ever, the University of Utah will host the Vice Presidential Debate Wednesday. “When we heard the University of Utah was selected, we weren’t actually surprised, but we were elated,” said Karen Hale, co-chair of the Utah Debate Commission.

Tomorrow’s Health: marijuana use, back pain & preschool advantage

Cannabis users require more anesthesia during surgery than non-users, according to a new study from the University of Colorado. Researchers also found users reported higher pain levels while in recovery and received more pain medication.

‘Trib Talk’: How Utah’s housing market continues to thrive in spite of a pandemic

The pandemic brought many industries to a screeching halt. One sector, however, continued to thrive. On the latest episode of “Trib Talk,” Tribune reporter Tony Semerad spoke with Alicia Holdaway, president of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors, about Utah’s booming housing market and how the social shifts created by our reaction to the coronavirus are drawing people to Utah.

The vice presidential debate in Utah: What you need to know about the big event

The lights will come and the nation’s attention will turn to Salt Lake City as Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris meet for the first and only time on the debate stage.

DPS prepared for possible rioting during VP Debate saying, ‘We will take action’

Demonstrations are expected in downtown Salt Lake City before and during the Vice Presidential Debate which is taking place on Oct. 7 at the University of Utah. Local, state, and federal law enforcement are assisting the University of Utah Police to provide a safe area to all. “This is history in the making,” says U of U Police Chief Rodney Chatman.

‘Freaks’ Is the Granddaddy of Disabled Horror, for Better and Worse

“Watching horror films is a disabling experience,” Angela M. Smith, Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies for the University of Utah and author of the book “Hideous Progeny: Disability, Eugenics, and Classic Horror Cinema,” said. “It’s a controlled encounter with discomfort, with the vulnerability of our minds and bodies to images and suggestions that opens us to unwilled transformations.”

Raffle Held For 60 Univ. Of Utah Students To Attend VP Debate

Sixty University of Utah students and five alternates were picked by raffle to attend the vice presidential debate, which will take place at Kingsbury Hall Wednesday night. Those students were chosen Monday afternoon during the live raffle as University of Utah President Ruth Watkins picked the winning numbers.

For Some Fathers, Pandemic Brings a New Perspective—and Quiet Joys

Before the pandemic, Larry Schooler’s busy travel schedule as a dispute mediator meant he often missed family dinners. But Covid has brought his travel to a halt. Recently, he spent a weeknight watching his 6- and 9-year-old sons chase each other around the kitchen table at home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “I noticed the total bliss I felt,” he recalls, “and the feeling that I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Security to protect candidates and free speech at VP debate at the U

Security is being greatly increased around the University of Utah ahead of Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate. Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris, democrat Joe Biden’s running mate, are both in Utah.

Family-School Relationships Are the Missing Link in COVID-19 Era Education

COVID-19 has made it more obvious that the public school system cannot fulfill its mission without families. This pandemic—along with the many overlapping pandemics our nation now faces, including racial, economic, political, and environmental injustices—has also heightened existing barriers between families and schools.

How a toothless, parrot-like dinosaur thrived 69 million years ago

A toothless, two-fingered dinosaur was able to thrive more than 68 million years ago due to the parrot-like species‘ remarkable ability to adapt, scientists have discovered. Multiple skeletons of the Oksoko avarsan, a feathered omnivorous dinosaur that grew to 2 meters in length, were dug up in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, according to a news statement published Tuesday.

University of Utah officials say the VP debate is different than envisioned

University of Utah officials say Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate will be extremely different than what they envisioned. COVID-19 has forced them to make major changes and even though the eyes of the political world will be focused on Utah, the event, itself, will be smaller than what they initially expected.

What would you ask the VP candidates? These student essay winners pose their questions

In anticipation of the vice presidential debate, the Utah Debate Commission worked with the Utah State Board of Education and business partner, Lucid Software, to create a curriculum for all K-12 students and held a statewide essay contest.

University Of Utah Making Final Preparations For Vice Presidential Debate

Both Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris are now in Utah preparing for Wednesday’s vice presidential debate. After a year’s worth of planning and adjusting for COVID-19, the University of Utah was finalizing its preparations Tuesday to welcome the candidates on campus.