News Clips for October 27, 2020

Meet the Generation Z voters who will help decide this election

2020 marks the first time millennials and Generation Z have surpassed baby boomers and older generations in the percentage of the electorate able to vote, nonpartisan research shows.

COVID Hospitalizations Are Soaring in These U.S. States

As the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. approach 8.7 million, COVID-19 hospitalizations are on the rise as well. Here we take a closer look at some of the states where hospitals are seeing a COVID-19 patient surge.

College students make a last-ditch effort to make Election Day an academic holiday

An intercollegiate band of Boston students has mobilized, just before the presidential vote, to make Election Day an academic holiday.

On the cusp of crisis: Will Utah enact state crisis protocols as COVID-19 cases surge?

As the daily case count continues to rise across the country, hospital administrators say Utah's frontline medical workers are overworked and exhausted—both physically and emotionally.

As Utah Begins Running Out Of ICU Beds, State Hospital Association Warns Of Rationing Care

We talk to Dr. Kencee Graves of the University of Utah about her intensive care unit which is nearly maxed out, and what Utah needs to do to handle its latest coronavirus surge.

Researchers: Pandemic leaving college students uncertain of future

For many students, the pandemic has turned college life upside-down. Researchers at the University of Utah have been studying how it has impacted their mental health. They've found it's affecting them in surprising ways.

‘Something going on’ Yellowstone scientists' ‘dome-shaped uplift’ discovery inside caldera

YELLOWSTONE scientists uncovered a "dome-shaped uplift" in the caldera system, in what scientists have suggested is linked to the intrusion of magma in the volcano.