News Clips for October 1, 2020

Check Your Health: Dense breast tissue and mammography

Dense breast tissue refers to the appearance of breast tissue on a mammogram. It is normal and a common finding. Often times, when a radiologist, like myself, views dense breast tissue on a mammogram, it appears as a solid white area, which makes it difficult to see, compared to dark and transparent tissue on non-dense breast tissue.

The Surgisphere Scandal: What Went Wrong?

The high-profile retractions of two COVID-19 studies stunned the scientific community earlier this year and prompted calls for reviews of how science is conducted, published, and acted upon. The warning signs had been there all along.

Utah cardiologist, others say COVID-19 is affecting the heart

“What we’re seeing in cases of severe infection, the body often produces a strong immune response to fight the viral infection and that strong immune response can potentially, indirectly, cause cardiovascular consequences,” said University of Utah Health cardiologist Dr. Kevin Shah.

Utah elected officials should not use antitrust laws as a political cudgel

We must remember that although going after tech is politically convenient, it is not what is best for America.

AMA COVID-19 daily video update: Crisis fatigue and other factors contributing to physician stress

In today’s COVID-19 update, AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger talks to health experts about how health systems are supporting physician wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the top factors contributing to physician stress right now, including crisis fatigue; stress around politics and racial violence; and anxiety about the potential for a second wave of the pandemic during the fall flu season.

Putting An End To A COVID Mask Frustration: Foggy Glasses

It’s a complaint KSL has heard over and over during the pandemic, and with colder temperatures coming this time of year, it’s going to get worse. We’re talking about face masks or coverings fogging up eyeglasses.