News Clips for Oct. 9, 2018

There were 110 reported sexual assaults at Utah’s colleges last year. Experts say that’s a good thing.

Last year, nine of Utah’s 10 largest colleges saw an increase in the number of students reporting sexual assaults — with the total number of reports statewide crossing 100 for the first time since universities have been required to compile the annual statistics.

Natalie Gochnour: Lessons learned from Utah’s mighty five college presidents

I spent last week in Washington, D.C., and witnessed the dumpster fire that is the Supreme Court confirmation process. As a U.S. citizen, Utahn and woman, I welcomed the chance to return to the Beehive State where civility still means something, and reasonable people can disagree, while still building a great community together.

Ancient potato that has survived in the wilds of southern Utah for nearly 11,000 years makes its dinner debut

The Four Corners potato may be small — no bigger than a copper penny — but this starchy, edible tuber is mighty, having survived in the wild landscapes of southern Utah for nearly 11,000 years.

Trump wants Chicago cops to have more stop-and-frisk power; bad idea, says Rahm

Once again focusing on Chicago crime, President Donald Trump on Monday said the city should implement a “stop and frisk” policy and get out of what he called a “terrible” agreement between the ACLU and the police department made after a study showed the vast majority of the stops targeted minorities.

New Report Underscores Familiar Message Especially For Fast-Warming West: Quit Fossil Fuels Or Else

A new report from the United Nations says mankind must act fast to slow global warming, a message that is particularly urgent in Utah and throughout a scorched Mountain West that saw a devastating fire season and patches of severe drought.

In our opinion: Teen anxiety doesn't stop after high school graduation

Anxiety disorders, depression and other forms of mental illness present real roadblocks for students of all ages, and gone are the days of telling them to square their shoulders and buck up. What must happen now is the formation of communities that support, love and offer hope to struggling students, letting them know they aren’t alone and that their lives can thrive with the right tools.

In our opinion: Amazon's higher wages send a clear signal to other companies

The decision by retail giant Amazon to raise minimum wage for all its workers to $15 an hour can be viewed as a natural reaction to fundamental supply and demand market trends, but also as a social statement about the adverse effects of income inequality in America.

First Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction Identified

For the first time, a team of researchers has found a specific place in the human genome that raises a person's risk of erectile dysfunction. The discovery is a significant advancement in the understanding of the genetics underlying erectile dysfunction. The study, "Genetic variation in the SIM1 locus is associated with erectile dysfunction," will be published the week of October 8 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Study suggests size actually does matter when it comes to male fertility

Men with a small penis are less likely to become dads, a new study suggests. Men who visited a clinic with fertility problems typically had a reproductive organ one centimeter smaller than other men.

Guys with Infertility Problems Have Smaller Penises, Says New Study

Guys typically don't know they're infertile until a semen analysis indicates their sperm is irregular or low in volume. Now, a new study says there could be a visual indicator of infertility: a smaller-than-average penis size.


Millions of men around the world struggle with erectile dysfunction—and scientists believe genetics could play a role in some cases. Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have trouble getting or maintaining an erection to have satisfactory sexual intercourse, according to the U.S. Department of Health. A range of factors can cause the issue, including diseases which affect the blood vessels, the nervous system, and the hormones. Psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression can also be to blame.