News Clips for Oct. 4-7, 2019

New edition of AJOB defends euthanasia for mentally ill

A new edition of the American Journal of Bioethics explores the theme of euthanasia for mentally ill persons. Several well-known commentators on euthanasia argue that in principle euthanasia should not be prohibited for people suffering from severe psychiatric disorders.

There are solutions for Utah’s complex gender wage gap, experts say

Without changes, the state’s gender wage gap won’t close until 2106, one researcher said. Without mandates or changes to state law, others said, businesses won’t take steps that would help it close sooner.

Vaping lung injuries top 1,000 cases as deaths rise to 18

Health officials are amplifying their recommendation that people refrain from using e-cigarettes or vaping, particularly products containing THC

An Economist's View: Bad Air Quality Costs Utah Citizens Big In The Long Run

The University of Utah will be hosting a symposium on Thursday about air quality in the state. Dr. Steve Bannister will be a guest panelist. He studies the economic influence of air quality in Utah and around the world.

U of U professor receives $1.5 million grant to create ways to prevent spreading cancer

A biomedical engineer at the University of Utah received a $1.5 million grant to develop innovative methods to halt the spread of cancer. Tara Deans, a biomedical engineering assistant professor at the U, received this year's National Institutes of Health Director's New Innovator Award and a $1.5 million grant to develop a way that could help stop the spread of cancer by using specifically-engineered blood platelets to seek and destroy cancer cells in the bloodstream.

Remembering the role Utah played in getting the internet started

There is so much the internet provides us on a daily basis. It’s helped us connect with anyone at any time, helped us receive information faster than ever and it’s a great entertainment tool.

Debate over future of Bonneville Salt Flats

or more than 100 years, the Bonneville Salt Flats have been one of America's most famous speedways. The salt that stretches for miles and miles in northwest Utah makes the place look like a different planet -- one that is uniquely suited to making vehicles go very fast. But today, the salt that is essential to racing is going away, and a bitter debate is raging over how that should be handled.

The Two Psychological Tricks Trump Is Using to Get Away With Everything

His brazen attempts to redefine the norms of acceptable conduct work for a reason.

‘I am not on the fence': Ben McAdams throws his support behind Trump impeachment inquiry

Rep. Ben McAdams on Friday offered his most direct assessment yet of the burgeoning impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, saying that while he will not prejudge the outcome, a formal probe is necessary to determine the facts.

What did Dr. Jane Goodall tell an 18-year-old University of Utah student?

Noted conservationist, a primatologist and United Nations Messenger for peace, Dr. Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE, spoke in Salt Lake City on Friday.

Study shows distance between children and autism services in the U.S.

My toddler is almost 3 years old, and verbal communication doesn’t come naturally to him. I hug him, but he can’t say goodbye when he departs with my wife on a weekly 130-mile journey along a forested highway to another town. Their final destination is an applied behavior analysis therapy clinic nestled in the Hudson Valley region of New York. The clinic runs a weekday program for adorable kids like our toddler who are on the autism spectrum.

Guest editorial: Importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated

There is great truth to the adage “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” More and more, research suggests just how crucial a child’s early experiences are in setting the tone for the rest of his or her academic life.

As NCAA digs in against new law allowing college athletes to profit from their likenesses, Utah athletes, officials weigh in

A business school student at the University of Utah, junior Britain Covey recently pursued and was offered an internship in sales. Then the NCAA told the Utes wide receiver he couldn’t accept it.

City dwellers can meet the wild things near them, in exhibit coming to Natural History Museum of Utah

Utahns will get to learn more about the creatures that live wild among us, at a new exhibit opening at the Natural History Museum of Utah. “Nature All Around Us” is one of the biggest in-house exhibits the museum has created, and the most hands-on and interactive. Museum staff have spent three years developing it, and the opening marks the museum’s 50th anniversary.

Should presidential candidates be able to keep medical records private?

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was hospitalized in Las Vegas Tuesday night after feeling “discomfort” in his chest. This raised speculation about his health and how it could affect the viability of his campaign. Is that fair? What medical information do candidates owe to voters?

Utah higher education enrollment sees 3% increase statewide

Statewide enrollment in Utah’s higher education system has increased by 3% or more than 5,400 students. The Utah System of Higher Education released enrollment numbers Wednesday saying there are more than 189,000 students enrolled in public colleges for the fall of 2019.

UnDisciplined: Science News Roundup - September 2019

This week on the show, we're talking about the science behind Hurricane Dorian, a "rat-pocalypse," a new human ancestor, and poison dart frogs. Everybody on the show is an expert on something, but none of them is an expert on those things.

How your office job is ruining your health

According to a study from the University of Utah's School of Medicine, walking for just two minutes each hour may reduce the damage of extended periods of sitting.

Tribune Editorial: How Watkins and the U. can move on

Ruth Watkins is fully capable of lifting the clouds of despair and mistrust that now hang over the University of Utah. But first, the president of Utah’s flagship university must, to paraphrase that nasty character in “Henry VI,” get rid of all the lawyers.