News Clips for Oct. 31, 2018

International community at U. remembers student killed a year ago

A framed photo of University of Utah student ChenWei Guo, who was murdered on campus a year ago, hangs in the hallway outside the International Student and Scholar Services office as people gather to celebrate his life at the University of Utah Union Building in Salt Lake City on Tuesday.

Utah legal scholars, politicians say Trump can't end birthright citizenship with order

There is no disagreement among legal scholars, politicians and advocacy groups in Utah that President Donald Trump can't end birthright citizenship with the stroke of a pen.

People Are Vaping Vitamins Now. Here's Why Maybe That's Not a Great Idea

The vaping of vitamins is a new health craze being sold by some companies as a better alternative to shots and pills. By puffing on nicotine-free, tobacco-free vitamin cocktails, consumers can supposedly ensure they are receiving all their basic nutritional needs.

U. of Utah tackles cultural appropriation and co-optation

A diversity coordinator at the University of Utah released a "Costume with Care" news release, in which she discussed both cultural appropriation and "cultural co-optation."

Utah admin calls cultural appropriation 'the baby of racism and capitalism'

The University of Utah student government hosted an event on cultural appropriation before Halloween.