News Clips for Oct. 3, 2019

Impact 50

Never before has it been more on trend to do good with your dollars. Coined at a Rockefeller Foundation event in 2007, the term “impact investing” is defined as investing in ventures that both make money and have a positive social or environmental impact. It’s a strategy that’s been embraced by many, including billionaires, pop stars and athletes. As of April, there were more than 1,340 organizations managing $502 billion in impact investing assets worldwide, according to the Global Impact Investing Network. That’s more than double last year’s total.

Nine Nobel Prize Predictions for 2019

These significant advancements could win the Nobel Prizes in physiology or medicine, physics, and chemistry.

New studies on the health benefits of CBD

Jaclyn Bowen, from The Clean Label Project, spoke to Pelin Thorogood, from the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, about what research is being done surrounding CBD health claims.

University of Utah students make safety recommendations to school leaders

Annual campus safety reports list Lauren McCluskey as the only Utah student murder.

Students push back against 'intrusive' security upgrades at the U

Students at the University of Utah wanted more security cameras around the places where they live. They just never expected the cameras to be installed inside their living spaces.

New data shows a big increase in reported gropings at Utah’s colleges

The University of Utah saw not only the largest share of the 2018 reports but also the biggest jump. Last year, the school had 31 cases of groping, up from 17 the year before. It was followed by Brigham Young University in Provo and Utah State University in Logan, which each had 16 fondling cases.

Social media giants caught in 2020 vise

The social media giants are stuck in a vise as both Democrats and the Trump campaign look for an edge by accusing the platforms of favoring the other side. On one side are Democrats, who are demanding that Facebook and Twitter censor President Trump and his campaign.

An Economists View: Bad Air Quality Costs Utah Citizens Big In The Long Run

The University of Utah will be hosting a symposium on Thursday about air quality in the state. Dr. Steve Bannister will be a guest panalist. He studies the economic influence of air quality in Utah and around the world.

DNA pushes back the microbiome frontier

Over the past 15 years, researchers have come to appreciate how profoundly the diverse zoo of microbes in the human gut, skin, and mouth affects our health. But their identities and exactly how they exert their effects have remained mysterious. Now, two research groups have made this microbial dark matter more visible, by starting with its best-known aspect: its DNA.

North American seismic networks can contribute to nuclear security

Seismologists explain how the work of regional seismic networks in North America are contributing to nuclear test monitoring, particularly in the case of low-yield explosions.

Vaping-related lung injuries resemble chemical burns, study finds

The airways and lungs of some patients with a vaping-related illness appeared damaged in ways similar to those exposed to chemical spills or harmful gases, researchers reported Wednesday.

Neurology Editors Identify the Red Flags of Predatory Publishing

Seven editors of neurology journals discuss the impact of predatory publishing and why it undercuts scientific integrity and patient care.

‘Beacon of hope’: A New ovarian cancer drug that improves survival rates

Jane Garretson went to her doctor for a routine visit in late 2016 to get a prescription renewed. But she soon received sobering news: She had stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Wait. Is Lori Loughlin pitching a tell-all book?

A celebrity news tabloid suggests Lori Loughlin is pitching a tell-all book.