News Clips for Oct. 25-28, 2019

Health official: No ‘short list’ of vaping illness suspects

Health officials acknowledged Friday they are still looking at a wide range of products and chemicals that could be causing the U.S. vaping illness outbreak.

Trump is using impeachment to collect new supporters with Facebook ads

Even if the impeachment inquiry in the House poses a threat to Trump’s presidency, his campaign has sensed that it’s also an opportunity: an opportunity to locate his supporters.

Paid leave may widen the 'mommy gap' but increase time with children

Many policymakers and scholars believe offering paid leave to families would be a game changer for U.S. moms and families, leading to increased equity in labor markets and helping eliminate the "mommy gap" in pay.

Brain Cell Imbalance May Lead To Anxiety, OCD: Study

Researchers at the University of Utah determined that they have found a link between a brain cell imbalance and the levels of anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. The study revealed a new lineage of specialized brain cells called Hoxb8-lineage microglia.

Meetings are terrible. Can an elite team fix that?

Surgeons, ex-special forces, NBA coaches: can some of the best minds in human performance come up with a plan to make business meetings better?

How The Student Coalition For Social Impact Empowers Young Leaders

In 2019 SCSI hosted 21 student delegates from universities across the country, including Harvard, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, the University of Pennsylvania, Dixie State University, Santa Clara University, UCLA, and the University of Virginia. SCSI also facilitated an impact hack, during which delegates developed a solution for college affordability in just five hours.

In Utah, 'Premarital Exams' Treat Sex Like a 'Problem to Be Solved'

In Utah, abstinence is taught in sex education classes and premarital sex is verboten among the state’s heavily Mormon population. So many women, unsure of what might happen on their wedding nights, rely on “premarital exams” with gynecologists for sex education. However, much of that education treats sex more like a medical procedure than a completely normal part of life.

Utah athletic director apologizes for Ute fan’s vulgar message

University of Utah athletic director Mark Harlan has issued a public apology for a vulgar message sent by a Utes football fan to an Arizona State football player.

Waterboarding And Electrocution Await Visitors At 'Extreme Haunts'

It’s Saturday night, and I’m in Asylum 49’s basement. It’s actually an old hospital. Heavy metal is blasting from a loudspeaker. The basement’s pitch black except for a single, flickering strobe light.

University of Utah plans to buy historic LDS chapel as church shuffles some east-side congregations

A historic Latter-day Saint chapel on University Street in Salt Lake City — with a giant Jesus mosaic beckoning to passersby — soon will trade worship services for concerts, Sunday school classes for college courses, and bishop offices for faculty digs.

As costs of insulin rise, Utah diabetics are going online to plead for the drug from strangers

Stephanie Arceneaux’s eyes brim with tears as she opens a foam cooler on a picnic table outside the Centerville In-N-Out Burger. “It’s so much!” Arceneaux says, surveying the contents: eight Basaglar pens, seven pens and a vial of Levemir, and, in a box next to it, a huge collection of needles, syringes, lancets and blood sugar test strips.

University of Utah engineers develop ultrathin camera lens

As engineers design sleeker smartphones, University of Utah researchers have created a flat camera lens 20 times thinner than a human hair.

Incheon Global Campus leads Green Growth Week events

Professors and students from the world’s leading universities with a presence at Incheon Global Campus shared their knowledge about how to achieve a green energy transformation during Global Green Growth Week.

Much more than a tropical paradise: This new travel guide will 'decolonize' the way you look at Hawaii

Two thousand miles from the continental United States sits a chain of islands known for their tropical climes, natural beauty and geographical diversity. From mountains and active volcanoes to gorgeous postcard-perfect beaches, visiting Hawaii continues to be one of the most popular trips for U.S. travelers every year.