News Clips for Oct. 20-22, 2018

‘My own desert dialect’ — 3 Utah women write about wilderness and nature

University of Utah communication professor Julia Corbett argues in a series of essays that nature isn’t just “out there” — it’s all around us, from your coffee cup to the chair you’re sitting on. Everything we use, wear and own comes from some element of nature.

2018 Optimas Award Winners for Vision

Gold: University of Utah Health Faced with a high turnover rate and unable to afford losing nurses because of a new ambulatory care complex and rehabilitation hospital set to open, the University of Utah Health searched for a solution.

First fossil lungs found in dinosaur-era bird

“This is an exciting discovery,” says Colleen Farmer, an anatomist and physiologist at the University of Utah who reviewed the study. “Finding bird-like lungs in this group of dinosaurs is to be expected, but it is incredible to uncover hard evidence of this soft structure.”

High School Science Could Include Opioid Education With New Program

The information behind the lesson plans is coming from faculty at the University of Utah as well as national experts, Stark said.

Metro Aviation sparks new era of helicopter safety at AMTC

Metro Aviation will showcase the Airbus Helicopters EC145e capabilities during the Air Medical Transport Conference with the University of Utah Health’s AirMed helicopter.

How these 5 Utah sisters are helping young artists find their voices

After receiving music degrees from Utah State University and the University of Michigan, Russell is now at the University of Utah where she hopes to finish her doctorate in musical arts in orchestral conducting this spring. While Russell continues to travel — she recently returned from the University of Michigan where she will conduct an opera next year — she has her feet firmly planted in the Utah arts community and is ready to enact change.