News Clips for Oct. 2, 2019

How did more than 20 schools across the country increase college graduation rates?

In a six-year span, the University of Utah has increased its graduation rate by 15%.

Health system uses Epic EHR, communications tech to reduce sepsis mortality rate by 20%

Epic calculates vital signs and triggers alerts sent to caregivers by the communications platform. The sepsis program saves 40 lives a year at University of Utah Health.

For the first time, professor observes crystallized iron product, hemozoin, made in mammals

For the first time ever, a professor has observed a crystallized iron product called hemozoin being made in mammals, with widespread implications for future research and treatment of blood disorders. Findings could be used to treat sickle cell disease and malaria patients, while opening up diverse research avenues across immunology, parasitology, neuroscience, microbiology, and even urology.

‘She is not a danger to society’: Utah professor questions Felicity Huffman’s sentence

University of Utah law professor Shima Baradaran Baughman said Huffman’s jail sentence might have been unnecessary.

University of Utah seismic networks can contribute to nuclear security

The International Monitoring System is the top global seismic network for monitoring nuclear weapon tests around the world. To expand the system’s detection capabilities, however, international monitors should seek out the data, methods and expertise of smaller regional seismic networks.

Lori Loughlin’s sentence ‘will likely be higher’ if she loses in court, law professor says

University of Utah law professor weighs in on a potential Lori Loughlin sentence.

For the first time, U.S. census can be filled out online, on paper, and over the phone

Workers for the 2020 Census opened their Salt Lake City office on Tuesday, looking for Utahns to fill thousands of jobs with the census and reminding everyone that this census is historic. For the first time ever, people can fill out the questionnaire online.

Why a credit agency wants to see your bank statements

A Utah company is at the forefront of a new trend in the credit industry: ‘consumer-permissioned’ reviews of utility payments and bank accounts. Could the system hurt the people who need help the most?

Letter: University of Utah President Ruth Watkins must go

The University of Utah students are to be commended for issuing a statement on Sept. 26 condemning the callous response of the university to the murder of Lauren McCluskey. Shortly after her murder, President Ruth Watkins made the incredible claim that, in spite of numerous shortcomings in the university’s response to Lauren’s pleas for help, the University of Utah could not have prevented this crime.