News Clips for Oct. 2, 2018

Peace in Korea won’t eliminate the need for American troops

President Trump has adopted a desultory and dismissive attitude toward South Korea, part of his larger tendency to question the utility of long-standing U.S. alliances. Trump’s behavior, coupled with the potential for a historic formal declaration ending the Korean War, puts into stark focus the status of the 25,000 U.S. troops stationed on the Korean Peninsula.

Officials overhaul student code of conduct, announce first review in two decades

Brian Burton, the director of student conduct and community standards at the University of Utah, said updating student conduct guidelines to include more than one way to appeal an outcome is beneficial for students who feel their sanction is not reflective of their character. “I think in general more appeals allows more due process and, across many institutions, due process rights are guaranteed for students,” Burton said.


Comedian David Cross of “Arrested Development” drew heavy criticism from Twitter users, religious commentators and others when he posted a photoshopped picture of himself in Church of Jesus Christ temple garments ahead of a tour stop in Salt Lake City in August. “Utah, learn the real truth!” the promotional image said.

3 Questions With Bob Evans: University of Utah President Ruth Watkins

She is the first woman to lead the University of Utah as president and aims to transform education. Dr. Ruth Watkins now oversees 33,000 students and 23,700 employees, as well as a top-tier medical complex, a competitive business school and a competitive athletic department.

Utah researchers to target ways to help middle class achieve the American dream

For years, the United States boasted a thriving middle class that offered millions of people their opportunity to pursue the American dream.

How Acne Affects Your Mental Health Is Complicated, But Experts Say There's A Way To Cope

There’s nothing comfortable about acne. Whether you’re trying to conceal just one pimple or minimize the appearance of a monstrous breakout, it doesn’t matter where the blemishes turn up: the feel and look of them is unpleasant all-around. But while your best friend might dab on a bit of cream and go about their day without a second thought on the subject, acne can affect your mental health in a pretty significant way, especially if a breakout has the power to provoke your anxiety and alter the way you see yourself.