News Clips for Oct. 18, 2019

University of Utah establishing new team to respond to immediate safety threats

A small group of decision-makers — the threat assessment team — will be in touch by phone or in person right away, broadening the responsibility from the police department to include others relevant to the situation at hand, from the dean of students, to communications officials and psychiatrists.

The Science of Science Communication

With a global climate strike on September 20th and waves of protests surrounding the UN summit on climate change, public interest in science seems to be on the rise. And scientists are answering the call, with more researchers than ever taking to social media to share their work with the public and each other. Professor Sara Yeo discusses how different audiences perceive science communication, the ways in which emotions can factor into it, and how scientists can make the most of engaging online.

Opioid addiction can be overcome with mindfulness, study suggests

The ancient practice of mindfulness may be a powerful tool in fighting the modern-day epidemic of opioid addiction, new research suggests. In a series of studies, an eight-week course in mindfulness techniques appeared to loosen the grip of addiction in people who had been taking prescription painkillers for years and experienced powerful cravings for the drugs.

University of Utah students call on passengers to shut down distracted driving

University of Utah students hope their new safety campaign will empower passengers to peer pressure drivers against texting, scrolling or skipping songs while driving. Each year distracted driving kills 3,500 people on U.S. roads and injures 391,000 people, according to Utah Transit Authority director Carlos Braceras. Also on KUTV.

The 90 percent – UWL is among the least racially diverse universities in the region

While the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse showcases its racial inclusivity through images of black and brown faces on the UWL homepage, the conversation that UWL is a predominantly white institution (PWI) is underdiscussed. Being a PWI doesn’t begin with examining the 10 percent of students of color at UWL, but rather the approximately 90 percent of students that identify as white on campus.

Utah Students Demand Meeting on Safety Issues

University of Utah students are demanding a meeting with President Ruth Watkins over safety concerns, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The students plan a walkout Monday. While the students cite a range of issues, they point to the murder last year of Lauren McCluskey as a sign that the university needs to pay more attention to safety issues.

Much more than a tropical paradise: This new travel guide will ‘decolonize’ the way you look at Hawaii

Two thousand miles from the continental United States sits a chain of islands known for their tropical climes, natural beauty and geographical diversity. From mountains and active volcanoes to gorgeous postcard-perfect beaches, visiting Hawaii continues to be one of the most popular trips for U.S. travelers every year, particularly for Washingtonians.

Hospitals face shortage of vital pediatric cancer drug

'Everyone needs to be screaming about this' Nationwide shortage of childhood cancer-fighting drug There is a nationwide shortage of the vital pediatric cancer-fighting drug, Vincristine.