News Clips for Oct. 17, 2019

How B-schools can meet needs of entrepreneurs

Today’s entrepreneurs need a program that is focused on their specific startup—one where their cofounders are also welcomed.

Here's what happened to opioid users after 8 weeks of mindfulness training

New research finds that a special mindfulness therapy works as an antidote to opioid misuse.

U of U partners with Zero Fatalities Utah to break the created culture of distracted driving

One in every four car crashes involves some type of distracted driving. Zero Fatalities Utah and AdThing, a University of Utah on-campus ad agency staffed by students kicked-off the “You Drive. I’ll Text” campaign Thursday.

Drought test begins in Biosphere 2 rainforest

Earlier this month, the doors to the tropical rainforest, enclosed under a ziggurat of glass, were sealed shut. Christiane Werner turned a valve to release about $12,000 worth of carbon dioxide (CO2) spiked with carbon-13, an isotope that is normally scarce in the atmosphere.

Cultivating joy through mindfulness: An antidote to opioid misuse, the disease of despair

New research shows that a specific mind-body therapy, Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE), increases the brain's response to natural, healthy rewards while also decreasing the brain's response to opioid-related cues.

Meet the critters living around us, in Natural History Museum of Utah’s new exhibit

From snails in the backyard to trout in a nearby stream, from snakes on a hiking trail to rats lurking downtown, there are more animals around us than people realize—and, for the next seven months, they all have a home at the Natural History Museum of Utah.

Hoping for a boy? Keep the stress down before you conceive

A new study finds that stressed mothers are much more likely to give birth to girls than boys. On average, across most cultures, about 105 males are born for every 100 female births. The main theory holds that men are excellent at killing themselves via violence, accidents, poor attention to health concerns and suicide. So nature throws a few more into the mix with the idea that numbers even out overall.

World-class performances in Salt Lake City: Pianist Hong Xu at Bachauer, Ligeti and Brahms concert for NOVA Chamber Music Series

A world premiere commission for woodwinds, by Steven Roens, who heads the music composition program at The University of Utah, will highlight Contrasts (Nov. 17).

Unfriendly Photons

From dead birds to light pollution: Inside Utah's dark skies movement.

How bad teeth and a lack of dental care can lead to discrimination and poverty

The University of Utah’s School of Dentistry identified the link between people suffering from substance use disorder and damaged teeth in 2015. With a federal grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the dentistry school began providing comprehensive oral care to a group of around 300 individuals receiving treatment for their substance use disorder.