News Clips for Oct. 16, 2019

Trump Is Winning the Online War

The technical superiority and sophistication of the president’s digital campaign is a hidden advantage of incumbency.

1,000 days of President Donald Trump

He promised to ‘make America great again.’ Is America greater after his first 1,000 days in office?

Utah Indian American Researcher Named 2019 ASM International Fellow

ASM International, an organization formerly known as the American Society for Metals, recently announced its 2019 cohort of Fellows, which included Indian American Dr. K.S. Ravi Chandran and Indian-origin Dr. Thiyagarajan Sundararajan.

University of Utah students demand to speak to President Ruth Watkins—and they’re planning a walkout over safety concerns

A group of University of Utah students are demanding a meeting with the school’s president to discuss their concerns about safety — including their perception that campus police “appear unequipped to assist us” — that have built up over the last year since track star Lauren McCluskey was killed on campus.

Tanner Dance Lights Up The Stage At RDT's RING AROUND THE ROSE

Repertory Dance Theatre's RING AROUND THE ROSE season continues with Tanner Dance on November 9, 2019. Celebrating the art of creative dance, this Utah dance staple will present an interactive show for all ages at both 11:00 am and a special added show at 1:00 pm.

There is a Strong Medical Case For Using Masks And Air Purifiers Against Pollution

Lungs can recover from some damage caused by pollution, if we start breathing clean air. But we need to give lungs clean air to start with, at home and office.

Powerful ideas come in these five new small books and series

The editors describe these brief books as “part memoir, part cultural criticism, each bringing to life the author’s emotional relationship to a cultural artifact or experience.” The series, which began online in 2012, has now moved into the physical world with three slender books: In “Making Out,” University of Utah prof Kathryn Bond Stockton writes about her non-binary childhood — beginning with a kiss.

Generic drug approvals haven't significantly increased, despite FDA's efforts, study finds

Though the FDA has said it will approve more generic drugs as a strategy to increase competition and combat drug shortages, a study published by JAMA Network Open found that the number of generic approvals has remained steady.

Why $1 million-plus Utah cribs are selling like hotcakes

Local real estate pros say out-of-state buyers are fueling record interest in Utah homes in the $1 million-plus price range. Why? Even with rising costs in the state, prices still look good for transplants coming from California, New York and other places with even hotter markets.

Award of Merit Higher Education/Research: University of Utah Garff Executive Education Building

This facility houses the university’s executive education programs and an expanded business career services center along with administrative and faculty space. The project team was challenged with demolishing an existing building surrounded by a large parking structure, operational classroom buildings and pedestrian and vehicle traffic.