News Clips for Oct. 15, 2019

Colleges Spend Millions to Host Presidential Debates. What Do They Get in Return?

For the past four decades, many of the televised bouts of verbal sparring between candidates for president, and between those for vice president, have taken place on college campuses.

Can a brain scan reveal a person's risk of suicide? Promising new research at U of U

Medical science has developed countless objective, biological tests to pinpoint problems with a variety of body systems, but the best way to screen for suicidality remains a simple interview. Also in Health Imaging, India Blooms.

New Lens Could Provide Thermal Imaging Capabilities in a More Compact Camera

University of Utah researchers have developed a new kind of flat optical lens that is much thinner and lighter than conventional camera lenses. While conventional lenses for smartphone cameras are a couple of millimeters thick, the ultrathin lens is only a few micrometers thick. The new lens can also be used for thermal imaging.

Exercise and intermittent fasting: Experts weigh in on whether the combination is safe

Intermittent fasting ranks right up there with keto and Whole30 among trendy, often misunderstood, dietary practices. Several of the fitness experts (and influencers, admittedly) that I follow abide by intermittent fasting, and many even claim to work out during their fasting periods.

Left brain vs Right brain: What does the left brain control vs right brain?

THE brain is a complex organ, and can be made up of up to 100 billion neurons. So what are the differences between the left and right sides of the brain?

‘It’s my escape.’ How video games help people cope with disabilities.

When Jackson Reece lost his arms and legs to sepsis after already being paralyzed, he thought his life was over. It was video games that brought him back.

Miss America 2020: Meet The 51 Ladies Competing For The Crown

The Miss America 2020 pageant is getting a new home and date this year, but women from all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C., are still getting ready to compete for the national title and take the crown.

Drugmaker to Test Machine Learning to Prevent Drug Shortages

Germany-based Merck plans pilot using TraceLink software to sharpen its supply-and-demand forecasts.

The deal that ignited Utah’s tech explosion

Even a decade ago, Twitter was first to ignite the news bomb. Ben Gaines was managing social media for Omniture, the Orem-based web analytics company, at that time and recounted the moment he found out his world was about to change dramatically.

5 steps to proper handwashing to avoid getting sick

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day. You might think that’s silly. Why do we need a day for that? According to the University of Utah, only five percent of people wash their hands correctly. Only five percent!