News Clips for November 7-11, 2020

More Fun Than Fun: An Ode To Grandmothers and Their Grandmotherly Wisdom

The American primatologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy came to India in the 1970s in quest of an evolutionary explanation for the tendency of male Hanuman langurs to snatch helpless infants from their mothers and bite them to death.

How to have a safer—but not safe—pandemic Thanksgiving

There is no truly safe holiday with guests this year in the US. 11 questions to ask if you really, really want to have a gathering.

Intermountain, U of U Health study finds hydroxychloroquine doesn't help COVID-19

A joint study by Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health concludes the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine provides no benefit in treating COVID-19 patients.

New Rules Require Weekly Testing In Utah Colleges, But Allow Classes To Continue In Person

Late Sunday night, Gov. Gary Herbert announced new statewide restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19. The rules require people to limit casual social gatherings, but don’t require schools or colleges and universities to move online.

Eating tree nuts every day can improve sperm quality, study finds

In a nutshell, men should start eating more almonds. A recent study has found that consumption of tree nuts–almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts–can cause changes in the quality of sperm.

Report says Utah isn’t meeting goals to care for the homeless. Can that be changed?

Kem C. Gardner Institute recommends creation of Utah Homeless Council headed by a chief homeless officer to replace state’s current governance structure.

COVID-19 testing efforts ramp up at the University of Utah, allowing access to all students

The University of Utah has been randomly selecting students and staff to test for COVID-19, in an effort to gauge the virus’ spread on campus. And testing will now ramp up with rapid test kits for all students.

The Quiet Crisis: KSL Surveys Firefighters Statewide On Mental Health

Since 2012, suicides have outpaced line of duty deaths for first responders nationally. It is a statistic Utah’s firefighters are not immune to. Our state has had two firefighters die by suicide in the past year.

Feds say Utah turned a corner on air quality, but is it sustainable?

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday announced it is preparing to re-classify the Wasatch Front as a region that is “attaining federal standards” for particulate matter.

Utah governor orders statewide mask mandate, new coronavirus restrictions

Utah’s governor declared a new state of emergency late Sunday after the state’s most devastating week of the pandemic, as COVID-19 infections skyrocketed and deaths hit new highs. His big concern is the surge in hospitalizations that may soon overwhelm doctors and nurses.


Three proposals to build on temporary relief measures enacted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘They’re not really doing anything’: As Covid-19 cases spiral, leaders around the U.S. lose urgency on prevention

More than a dozen states have seen record-high Covid-19 infections in the past five days, as the country experiences case counts never seen before anywhere in the world and, once again, surging hospitalizations and deaths.

Utes had a player hospitalized with COVID-19, UCLA game remains in doubt

The COVID-19 outbreak inside the University of Utah football program is bad, if not worse than most outsiders may have assumed.

Climate change could lead to the extinction of ancient human species

Many close relatives of our species, Homo sapiens, Has been on this earth since the genus Homo Evolved 20 million years ago. These hominins lived in a variety of residential and challenging environments. Some even crossed paths And interference.

Utah officials and health experts disagree on COVID-19 data—and new business restrictions

As Utah’s coronavirus case counts soar and hospitals warn that rationing care is all but inevitable, health experts say that state officials for weeks have rejected their recommendations for more severe restrictions to prevent further spread.

Scientists Recreate Earth’s Deep Mantle in the Lab

High-pressure, high-temperature investigation of real rock reveals unexpected behavior at more than 1000 kilometers depth.

University of Utah announces plan to test all students in effort to stem COVID-19 surge

Utah governor holds emergency meeting after another day of nearly 3,000 new cases.

How loving kindness meditation can help you deal with even the most annoying people

The relentless upheaval of 2020 has resulted in a slew of new ways loved ones and strangers can irritate us. Close to home, we’ve had to cope with children screaming during Zoom calls, spouses hogging bandwidth, friends and relatives texting wild conspiracy theories. Outside, we’ve encountered maskless strangers, drivers speeding on emptier roads and even crazed political sign thieves.

U Utah Launches Studio for Accelerating Go-to-Market for Campus-Created Software

The University of Utah has launched a new division for commercializing software created at the campus. Summit Venture Studio is a creation of UU's Partners for Innovation, Ventures, Outreach & Technology (PIVOT) Center.

How Remote Working Can Transform Small Town Life

As remote working has boomed during COVID-19, the rise in the number of people working from home has prompted many to reconsider where they wish to live. It's causing what new research from the University of Utah refers to as "Zoom Towns", which are places that have experienced a flood of remote workers fleeing cities to seek a quieter, often greener existence, and "commuting" to work electronically.