News Clips for November 24, 2020

Statewide mask mandates help businesses stay alive, Utah study finds

‘When people feel more confident, they go out and they spend,’ professor says

Science Reveals Long-Lost Secrets of a Mummy’s Portrait

How much information can you get from a speck of purple pigment, no bigger than the diameter of a hair, plucked from an Egyptian portrait that’s nearly 2,000 years old?

United States and Greenland in technical engagement on mining education & training

The United States and Greenland are advancing mutual commitments to sound mineral sector governance through technical engagement with the Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum (KTI Råstofskolen, or KTI). The US Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) signed a $1.2 million cooperative agreement with the University of Utah to support the development of KTI’s mining engineering curriculum.

University continues work on national insect curation project, despite pandemic

The Terrestrial Parasite Tracker will allow scientists around the nation to access data about parasitic bugs.

New University of Utah study says air pollution hurts state’s homeless

Nearly nine out of 10 people experiencing homelessness have sought medical attention for a condition related to the state’s dirty air, according to a new University of Utah study that provides a first-of-its-kind look at the disproportionate impacts air pollution has on those living on Salt Lake City’s streets.

Gardner Institute releases first-of-a-kind analysis of Utah's economic regions

This article is for real policy wonks. The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah has published a paper outlining how Utah divides into economic regions. It may not be terribly exciting for politicos obsessed with horserace election politics, but understanding economic and travel patterns, among other things, can help policymakers make the right decisions regarding planning, budgeting, transportation and other matters.

What are rapid COVID-19 tests on Utah college campuses revealing?

Efforts to test college students and staff for COVID-19 using rapid antigen tests reveal positivity rates on one Utah campus as low as 1%, but as high as 9% on another.