News Clips for November 21-23, 2020

A New COVID-19 Treatment Is Coming, But There's A Catch

A new medication to treat COVID patients will be available next week, but it requires an IV and is in short supply.

This Monogamous, Poisonous Rat Is Full of Surprises

Looking like a cross between a ferret, a skunk, and a porcupine, the African crested rat may be adorable, but it packs a poisonous punch. New research explains the remarkable way in which these mammals acquire their toxin, and how these rats—once thought to be loners—tend toward monogamous relationships and even family units.

Science reveals secrets of a mummy's portrait

How much information can you get from a speck of purple pigment, no bigger than the diameter of a hair, plucked from an Egyptian portrait that's nearly 2,000 years old? Plenty, according to a new study. Analysis of that speck can teach us about how the pigment was made, what it's made of—and maybe even a little about the people who made it. The study is published in the International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science.

Robert Gehrke: Please stop spreading these COVID-related myths

As we head into the darkest period of the pandemic, there are a few old saws that critics and doubters of public health policies keep trotting out — theories that, frankly, aren’t backed up by the data.

Data show hospitalized Covid-19 patients are surviving at higher rates, but surge in cases could roll back gains

Patients hospitalized with Covid-19 are surviving at higher rates than in the early days of the pandemic, gains that data and interviews with experts suggest are driven by a more refined understanding of the disease and how to treat it — and, crucially, less strain on hospitals that had been inundated at times.

Ute football fans eagerly watch delayed season opener from home

Football is back for the University of Utah! The long wait, which included multiple delays, setbacks and cancellations, has been the bane of every Utes fan. But Saturday, the game against the University of Southern California was on.

The TV cameras literally went out during the Utah-USC game, and people on Twitter reacted

Beyond the challenges of the pandemic, the year 2020 has brought a whole host of wacky events, both big and small. One on Saturday night at Rice-Eccles Stadium was certainly on the small end in the grand scheme of things, but it was weird nevertheless.

Does marriage education work? We asked what elements are needed

Relationship-strengthening classes have gotten mostly bad reviews. But some experts hope that will change.

‘Inattentional blindness’ may cause radiologists to miss obvious abnormalities in diagnostic images

Inattentional or perceptual blindness may cause even the most experienced radiologist to miss obvious abnormalities in diagnostic images, according to a new study. Psychology researchers with the University of Utah and other institutions recently made this discovery after asking 50 physicians to read chest CT images, looking specifically for lung cancer.

What parents should know about kids and COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases rise in the community among adults, doctors say it’s critical to remember that kids also get COVID-19 and have been reported to pass it to others.

Hospitals, local leaders urge residents not to gather for Thanksgiving as Utah again smashes daily COVID-19 record

Just under two weeks after Gov. Gary Herbert implemented a universal public mask mandate and other restrictions, Utah’s coronavirus surge doesn’t appear to be slowing down as the state surpassed its daily record of new COVID-19 cases with 4,588.

COVID-19 ‘Long-Haulers’ Face Mental Health Challenges

If you think COVID-19 is just a physical illness, think again. Utahns trapped in the endless cycle of its long-term side effects are struggling to process what may be permanent limitations and changes to their everyday lives.

Utah hospitals have begun informal rationing of care, doctors say, as they cope with surge of COVID-19 patients

With a combination of luck, new hires and creative reorganizing of staff and patients, Utah’s hospitals haven’t had to eject anyone from intensive care units due to the coronavirus.

Canadians Faced Shocking Abuse At U.S. 'Troubled Teen' Boarding Schools

For days, a video camera positioned in the doorway of the octagonal-shaped isolation room filmed Juli-Ann Aaron, clad only in too-short shorts and a see-through top, as male staff tossed in food, laughing as it spilled across the concrete floor, watching her panic. Her therapist told her she was pathetic and sick and threatened to send the video to her parents if she didn’t smarten up.