News Clips for November 20, 2020

The History of Vaccines

With the news this week that a COVID-19 vaccine is well underway, we’re taking a look at the historic origins of immunizations.

Rabbit-sized poisonous rats leverage the same toxins as poison arrows

A giant rodent known as the African crested rat is, despite its adorable appearance, deadly. The rat is the only known mammal to harvest plant toxins — the same kind traditionally used in poison arrows — to protect itself from predators. While researching this unique aspect of the rat’s existence, scientists with the University of Utah found unexpected social behavior among the rodents.

Excavation in Salt Lake City uncovers secrets from 1870

State historians made a remarkable discovery while excavating a practice field on the old Fort Douglas site. “It’s literally just a chunk of grass. People play football on it,” said Fort Douglas Museum curator Beau Burgess.

Doctors Say Not To Gather For Thanksgiving, But If You Must, Do These Things To Limit Risk

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and the state confronts the highest levels of COVID-19 transmission and hospitalizations it’s seen since the start of the pandemic, many health experts are worried that another major spike is on the horizon.

University of Utah students take COVID-19 tests to prepare for Thanksgiving break

University students are preparing to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday next week and some are asking students to be tested for COVID19. University of Utah students who get tested at the Rice Eccles Stadium take two tests. The first test is the COVID19 rapid results test. The second test is sent to AARP for processing.

US coronavirus cases soar to new daily high of more than 185,000

Coronavirus cases in the United States reached another daily high Thursday with 185,759 new infections, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The previous record of 177,224 was set Friday.

Older Adults’ Mental Health Is Suffering During COVID-19

The pandemic has struck our senior citizens hard. As it stretches on with no end in sight, older adults’ mental health is suffering. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive, experts say, because being a grandfather in 2020 takes ingenuity.

Federal Circuit Rejects Considering New Report in Epstein Case

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims is seeking to undo a nonprosecution agreement that allowed the notorious sex offender to avoid federal charges.