News Clips for Nov. 7, 2019

Research University Group Adds 3 Members

A month after the Association of American Universities proposed and then withdrew a plan to expel its two Canadian members, the research university group on Wednesday added three new members -- its first additions since 2012. The inclusion of Dartmouth College, the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the University of Utah will bring the research university group's membership roll to 65, its largest ever.

High Rent, Low Wages—Project For Deeper Understanding To Discuss Living And Working In Park City

Scott Loomis, executive director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust, says most of Park City’s service jobs pay $15 to $20 an hour, and that doesn’t support the cost of living in the Park City-area.

Some Mind-Body Therapies May Cut Opioid Use for Pain

In the first meta-analysis of scientific literature on the role of mind-body therapies in addressing opioid-treated pain, researchers have found that some of these treatments can reduce pain.

Costco and Instacart test free one-hour prescription delivery as Amazon eyes the space

Costco is teaming up with delivery start-up Instacart to test free delivery of prescription drugs to members. The pilot program is limited to California and Washington state, according to two people familiar, and it includes delivery to a Costco member’s home or office. One Costco member who has used the service told CNBC that he received a text earlier this month to offer him the medication delivery option as an alternative to picking up the meds in store.

Genome Research Papers Present Sequencing Method, Atlantic Herring Assembly, More

A University of Utah team outlines a sequencing strategy designed to assess the capped 5' ends of RNA in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. The method — called FFPEcap-seq — includes template switching and an enzymatic enrichment step to boost the representation of 5' RNA ends, the researchers explain, noting that the strategy shares features with existing START-seq and nanoCAGE library construction methods.

Warming climate shrinks snow pack

As climate change raises sea levels, intensifies weather patterns and prolongs heat waves across the planet, it will also create complex challenges for mountainous regions — and for those who recreate in them.